Community Art – Issue 24 Edition

In this issue we thought we’d take this opportunity to pay homage to our long-time companion Aurene. How will we go on without her? Are the theories that she’s not really gone driven by the hope she embodied? Will we ever see her again? There are so many questions and no way to answer them!

For now, we can only wait and see how it all ends.

Dawnpainterz – Aurene’s Shelter

From the beginning, we knew that Aurene was special. Even as an egg, we cared for her and sheltered her. Dawnpainterz’s piece shows how deep our connection with the young Scion became. The baby Aurene, still surrounded by her crystalline shell, found shelter with us early on in our fight with Mordremoth. In a way, for sylvari characters, at this point in time they had two dragons fighting for control.

Roshiny – Aurene

Roshiny’s baby Aurene captures the innocent love and hope our dragon companion brought us. Her “cuteness overload” was always the best cure for a dreary day! Over time, we’ve fed her, played with her, and helped her learn and grow. She moved from needing constant protection to helping us during our most trying fights. Roshiny’s baby Aurene looks almost chibilike – adorable! The baby Scion’s playful nature shines in her eyes in this piece.

Oqpyhx – Aurene

This piece continues the cuteness associated with the Scion, showing our companion growing, getting stronger and becoming more independent. She moved quickly from the playful baby to the driven teenager on a mission. When Balthazar marched on Elona, she was quick to follow the fallen god and protect as many vulnerable villagers as she could.

Larea – Aurene’s Ascension

Aurene’s been with us through so much! We’ve protected her and played with her. We’ve fretted over her as any parent would their child. And now, she has Ascended. The thought that Aurene is not gone, but simply Ascended, brings us hope in these dark times. Though the dragon is crystalized before us, she has, perhaps, gone elsewhere and will become even more powerful! As the heroes of the Flameseeker Prophecies Ascended before they could kill a god, perhaps Aurene needed to do so before she could kill Kralkatorrik.

Regardless of her ultimate fate, Aurene changed us and we will carry her with us, fighting bravely in honor of her memory.

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