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Finally, Arena Net released their seventh profession: The Engineer! This profession almost seems surreal after its similarities from Arena Net’s fake Commando and Alchemist professions during their April Fools. Now there’s only one profession left to go. Here’s the latest from the community:

Official Releases

→ Guild Wars 2 | Introducing the Engineer
→ ArenaNet Blog | Link Roundup: The Engineer

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Kill Ten Rats | [GW2] New World Profession – Engineer

Ravious brings us another blog post analyzing the general mechanics of the Engineer, and also how the Engineer will compare to other professions in the game, such as the Elementalist.

→ Secret Agent Cats | My Aspirations of Thievery

Another analysis of the Engineer profession. Secret Agent Cats looks closely at how the UI (skill bar, tool belt) will be drawn out for the complexity of the Engineer profession.

→ Hunter’s Insight | Different Kinds of Guilds

We, the Guild Wars 2 community, have not been receiving much information on the social features of Guild Wars 2 (such as trade and primarily the Guild System). The guys down at Hunter’s Insight discusses the possibility of multiple different Guild Systems based on race, playstyles, and even the economy. Check this one out!

→ Hunter’s Insight | Engineer Skill Video Breakdown

Another post today from Hunter’s Insight. This time, they focus on the Engineer, primarily on the skill videos that Arena Net post on for each of their professions. They analyze each every specific feature of the skills featured on those videos. Check this one out, also!!

→ Talk Tyria | GW2 Profession Reponse: Engineer (Boom goes the dy-na-mite!)

Usually in my community roundup, I only include one fansite that generally summarizes the latest feature/profession revealed by Arena Net. However, there’s so many fansites out there that give important information that other fansites omit. Anyways, here’s another analysis on the Engineer profession. Izari also responds to the dislike from some fans of how the Engineer doesn’t “fit” into the lore of Guild Wars.


→ Guild Cast | Episode 45

It’s almost been a month without a Guild Cast podcast! They bring you a podcast discussing more of their thoughts on the Engineer, and also they discuss the recent NCsoft investor conference

→ Attached to Keyboard | Guild Meeting Interviews

Tasha from Attached to Keyboard interviews Tigerfeet from Secret Agent Cats to discuss her background, her experience as a blogger, and her expectations for Guild Wars 2.

Upcoming Events

No new events for Guild Wars 1. Hope you guys enjoyed the Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball!

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events Comic

Click the image below to view the latest issue. (2 pictures this week)

Having problems resizing the comic? Click here to view the comic on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forum (scroll to the second post).

The Last Words

Only one profession to go, but it seems that some already know what it will be. ArenaNet stated that this last profession will be a returning profession from Guild Wars 1. The Ranger, Elementalist, Warrior, and Necromancer have all be confirmed. The Assassin transformed into a Thief, and the Monk and Ritualist dissolved into the Guardian. Paragons and Dervishs are out of the equation since it is confirmed that spears and scythes won’t be in the game. I wonder what it will be? It’s a mystery

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