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“FINALLY! FAN DAY IS HERE! Wait a second…what’s fan day?” That’s pretty much what my expression was a week ago. A group of influential people from various Guild Wars fansites and other MMO industries were invited to play Guild Wars 2, check out ArenaNet’s new office, and chat with the developers! Lucky much! For fans back home, we’ve been getting hit with some cool surprises too. We already had a good understanding of dungeons already, but the real focus was UNDERWATER COMBAT. Talk about Christmas in July…or June…Anyways here’s the latest from the community…

Official Releases

→ Guild Wars 2 | Into the Dungeons
→ ArenaNet Blog | Jonathan Sharp Talks Underwater Combat

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Kill Ten Rats | The Truth About ArenaNet

Why does ArenaNet keep torturing us by waiting to release each new detail of Guild Wars 2!?! Personally, I’m dying to hear nevertheless see some PvP in action! First of all, take a breath, then see Ravious’s article.

→ Guild Wars 2 Guru | Guild Wars 2 Fan Day It’s Here!

Guild Wars 2 Guru gots some really awesome stuff from the Fan Day. An exclusive interview with Jonathan Sharp, pictures of underwater combat and the catacombs, and much more! Check this one out!

→ Guild Cast | Guild Wars 2 – The Catacombs

Guild Cast do have a couple of in-depth articles from Fan Day. First, Guild Cast breaks down EVERYTHING from their dungeon demo. Check this one out!

→ Guild Cast | Guild Wars 2 – Underwater Combat

Another article from Guild Cast on the Roundup! Another in-depth article featuring the latest buzz from the community: UNDERWATER COMBAT. Guild Cast breaks EVERYTHING down, even the underwater and downed skills! Check this one out!

→ Hunter’s Insight | Concept Art: June 3D Models

Hunter shows some of the amazing artwork from ArenaNet, including pictures of Lion’s Arch and also airships?!?

→ A Tyrian Odyssey | Drakkar Lake

The gang at A Tyrian Odyssey goes to Sifhalla in the Far Shiverpeaks to explore the Drakkar Lake.

→ Secret Agent Cats | Exploration And The Allure Thereof

Tigerfeet from Secret Agent Cats talks about a game mechanic that is applied to every MMO, not just Guild Wars 2: Exploration.


→ Attached to Keyboard | The Guild Meeting Interviews – Cornish from I Move Like A Dwarf

The Guild Meeting Interviews continues with Cornish from I Move Like A Dwarf. They will be talking about blogging, conventions, Guilds, and much more! Check this one out!

→ Guild Cast | OMG FanDay!

GuildCast was lucky enough to fly over to Seattle and visit the new ArenaNet offices. In this podcast Rubi squees about the latest news right from the Guild Wars 2 HQ’s!

Upcoming Events

→ GW-EN’s 1 Year Anniversary Party | Visit Official Forum

The peeps down at GW-EN are turning one this year, and it’s time to party! Of course, they will be providing awesome prizes: Everlasting Tunics, Rabbits, Fireworks, etc! Also, they will be having a “Commercial Competition”, where you can create a vocal advertisement celebrating GW-EN, Guild Wars 2, or any other item about the Guild Wars community. More rules and regulations are on their official forum.

Place: Shing Jea Traditional Chinese Districts
Date: July 2nd, 2011
Time: 3pm-9pm MST

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
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The Last Words

Well Fan Day came and went, even if you are still confused. If you’re not already in ectasy from the loads of Guild Wars 2 information, here’s a video to send you to the top (courtesy of Gamespot). See you next time on the Roundup….

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