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In the wake of the guardian’s release, this week community discussion has been re-lighted with various posts regarding anything Guild Wars 2-related. As usual, there’s also been a surge of blog posts by ArenaNet, all of which make for very interesting reads, and, not to be missed, Canthan New Year 2011 occured this week too. Below is just a small proportion of what’s been happening in the Guild Wars community.

Official Releases

[BLOG] What’s Your Style? Jon Peters Talks About Combat
[BLOG] Join the Club! ArenaNet Coder Launches Sketch Club App
[BLOG] Unleashed at PAX East – ArenaNet Travels to Boston with New Demo

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

Guild Wars 2 Guru

Primordus Visions: Highlights
The Primordus Visions section of Guild Wars 2 Guru looks at player’s suggested ideas for the upcoming game. In this particular post, Lisletbh looks at the possibility of necromancer minion UI where minions can be ‘flagged’ to specific locations, as well as being able to be set to ‘passive’, ‘aggressive’ or ‘defensive’. Already there’s a fairy large discussion happening over this idea – why not add your comments to the thread?

Forum post: ‘Human Week: The Warm-up’
This week, ArenaNet confirmed that they’ll be revealing more on humans in Guild Wars 2 next week. This forum post on Guild Wars 2 Guru is a great way to get excited about the information release as it looks at what people are looking forward to hearing about and what they love about the humans as a race. If you’ve got something to say on humans in Guild Wars 2, this is the place to do it.


Acceptance of Grouping
Another great post by TalkTyria and its many bloggers. In this particular one, Jexx looks at how PuGs (pick-up groups) will act in Guild Wars 2 compared to those of the original game, where kicking due to a ‘fail build’ is all too-often the case.

Hunter’s Insight

The Shadowstep
Recently moved to and now with a new blog post, this one takes a look at the predicted assassin-type class of Guild Wars 2 and how it seems likely that it will include some sort of shadowstep if it is brought to the plate of professions. Looking at the guardian skill ‘Flashing Blade’, which transports a guardian to an enemie’s location, how can we not excpect some sort of similar effect possible with an assassin, rouge, ninja or whatever they may call it.

A Tyrian Odyssey

Forum Highlands
A Tyrian Odyssey follows the eponymous hero D. W. Kiri – a Canthan ranger – through their travels through the world of Tyria. Currently, the ranger is travelling through the land of Elona in an attempt to help the Sunspears drive evil from their homes after word was sent from Spearmarshal Kormir. You can view the start of the journey, starting in Istan, by clicking here.



Episode 35
This latest episode of GuildCast is their second roundtable show. Four listeners join the usual hosts to discuss instanced vs persistent gaming and we even discover that Rubi has some wonderfully named mule characters! As well as the above, the group also talk about MMO pet peeves, elements of MMO games they love, and  there’s another mention of the Massively Overpowered guild.

Creative Works

Dynamic Events Comic

We’ve teamed up with Overlord of the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums to present to you the fantastic Dynamic Events webcomic. When a new section is released, we’ll be posting it in this section for your personal enjoyment. So far, there have been a number of installments which can be found here. This comical comic (see what I did there?) follows the lives of several characters:
Theo, a human who’s just moved to Lion’s Arch
Ellie, Theo’s sister and an elementalist
Almme Bloodfeaster, a female charr whom Theo doesn’t actually realise IS a female
Eddard, a sylvari born of the Cycle of Night
Toll, an asura reluctant to leave his room due to his sinister discoveries.

These characters, bar Ellie (who has a major crush on the sylvari), live together in Lion’s Arch and find themselves in situations that would be funny to anyone watching… good job nobody’s doing that, right?

Upcoming and Past Events

Canthan New Year 2011

Canthan New Year arrived this weekend. On the whole, there were lots of fun games, a visit from the Celestial Rabbit and even sponsored districts. A complete roundup to what happened during this event will follow in a few days time, so keep watching the website.

Well, another community roundup comes to a close. As promised, we will still continue to bring new features to this weekly segment as often as possible, and, as always, we’re looking for more community-related topics to feature. All the community contact information can be found below.

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