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Hey Guild Wars lovers! It seems like this week should be called “Dungeon Week” with all the new dungeon posts succeeding Fan Day. Again, there’s nothing absolutely new about dungeons that we haven’t already known (Well, except for little details and that epic trailer) We still got a lot of cool stuff from the Fan Day! Anyways, here’s the latest from the community…

Official Releases

→ ArenaNet Blog | William Fairfield on Designing the Dungeons
→ ArenaNet Blog | Video: The Ascalon Catacombs Dungeon Cinematic

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Kill Ten Rats | Guild Wars 2 Fan Day It’s Here!

Here’s a topic that hasn’t been talked about much: The Winds of Change update. For those who don’t play Guild Wars, Winds of Change is the next chapter for Guild Wars Beyond, a free update-series that links the lore of Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2. Check this one out if you still play Guild Wars 1!

→ Hunter’s Insight | QFT: Underwater

A Quoted for Truth article from Hunter’s Insight about the heavily most talked about topic of last week. Check this one out for more details on underwater combat!

→ Talk Tyria | Welcome to the Dungeons

Elixabeth goes into more details of the Ascalon Catacombs Dungeons, including more information regarding Bosses! Check this one out!

→ Guild Cast | And All the Rest…

Rubi from Guild Cast wraps up the FanDay with some little details from Guild Wars 2. Everything from hunting animals to dancing to basic character animations. Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | I Want a Norn Girlfriend

Do you want a Norn Girlfriend? (You don’t have to answer that :D) BUT, if you don’t or are uneasy about having a committed relationship with a nine-foot woman, then read Belenos’ 13 reasons why you should have a Norn Girlfriend.

→ Talk Tyria | Interview with a Keg Brawl Star

You’re in for a real treat with this one! Don’t forget to check out this exclusive interview with Tyria-famous Keg Brawl Star, Jegg “Legs” Edgarson! Personally, I’m practicing my keg throwing skills!

→ A Tyrian Odyssey | Sepulchre of Dragrimmar & Much, Much More!

Four blog posts from A Tyrian Odyssey! FOUR! To save some cyber space, here are the journeys made to Sepulchre of Dragrimmar, Battledepths, Jaga Moraine, and Frostmaw’s Burrow. Enjoy!


Sorry! No new Podcasts for this week! Check back next week for more Guild Wars discussions!

Upcoming Events

→ GW-EN’s 1st Anniversary | View Official Forum Post

Thanks to all who attending GW-EN’s 1st Anniversary Party! You can check out the winners of their contest right here.

→ ArenaNet | View Unofficial Forum Post

It is an event so I had to include it! Martin Kerstein tweeted that there will be a costume contest for Gamescon this year. Start creating those Charr outfits!

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
Click the image below to view the latest issue.

Having problems resizing the comic? Click here to view the comic on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forum (scroll to the second post).


→ Guild Wars 2 Guru | GW2 Official Font Substitutes

Izari from TalkTyria showcases some snazzy, cool font styles for us. If anyone has a specific request, let her know. Check this one out!

The Last Words

Well, I guess you could call this week “Dungeon Week”. I really hope they get around to “PvP week”. I’ve been waiting for that one for a while. Maybe they will showcase PvP for Gamescon! Just a guess. For our American readers, Happy 4th! For our British readers, I apologize. Anyways, see you next time on the roundup…

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