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Hello Guild Wars community! ArenaNet has been showing a lot of activity this week. I think part of it is because of the San Diego Comic-Con this week! For all you English fans, ArenaNet announced that they will be attending the Eurogamer EXPO 2011! The more publicity the better. Anyways, let’s see what we have for this week…

Official Releases

→ ArenaNet | ArenaNet is Heading to Comic Con
→ ArenaNet | Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 Costume Competition at Gamescom 2011 – and an Additional EU Show!
→ ArenaNet | Video: ArenaNet Community Open House 2011
→ ArenaNet | Daniel Dociu Wins Expose Grand Master Award
→ Guild Wars 1 | Wintersday in July

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Hunter’s Insight | Character Slots

Everyone knows ArenaNet’s business model “Buy the box, play forever”, but how is ArenaNet going to finance their income. Of course, I’m guessing there will be future additions whether campaigns or expansions (is it confirmed that there’s no expansions?), but another way is through character slots. How many character slots will ArenaNet give us before we have to buy some? Hunter from Hunter’s Insight speculates the idea of buying purchasing character slots. Check this one out!

→ I Move Like a Dwarf | Underwater Exploration and My Piratical Dream

Cornish from I Move Like a Dwarf discusses his impressions of underwater exploration/combat and the idea of ship travel.

→ Talk Tyria | I Miss the PUG

Do you miss the idea of Pick Up Groups? Sure, it’s great to be surrounded by seven heroes with the image of you, but don’t you miss the player interaction that comes with PUGs? Tagon from Talk Tyria, explains how he once hated Factions, why he misses PUGs, and how Guild Wars 2 will be able to change that. Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | Predicting the Next Guild Wars 2 Novel

This one is for all you lore buffs! Three novels will be released before Guild Wars 2. The first one was Ghost of Ascalon, and the second was Edge of Destiny. Have an idea of what the third book will be about? TriggerSad from Talk Tyria speculates on different book themes. Check this one out! (Personally, I just want the book to be released ASAP so we can get the game ASAP!)

→ Talk Tyria | There’s No Place Like Home?

Belenos from Guild Wars 2 explores the concept of the home instance of Guild Wars 2. You know, the feeling of a home inside your computer inside your home. Whether you are the player that sleeps twelve hours a day in their home, or the player that sleeps under the first tree that he can find, check this one out!

→ A Tyrian Odyssey | Raven’s Point & Much MUCH More!

Four blog posts from A Tyrian Odyssey! First, they visit Raven’s Point in the Far Shiverpeaks. Also, check out their blogs posts on the Winds of Change as they go through Whispers of Change, Cantha Courier Crisis, and Helping Lei Jeng!


→ Guild Cast | Episode 48

Another GuildCast podcast this week! They are joined by Dan (aka MediaMaster9000) to talk about his impressions of the dungeon system and of the FanDay. Check this one out!

Upcoming Events and Contests

→’s Survivor 2: Prophecies | View Official Forum is hosting an event that you should all check down for! Welcome to’s Survivor 2: Prophecies! Random contestants will be grouped in tribes and be placed in the hostile regions of the Prophecies campaign to complete random challenges each week! Still not convinced? Will 2-million-golds-worth of items make you apply? (“TWO MILLION GOLD….WOOOWWW”) Application are now accepted. If you want to read more FAQs and details about the application process, click here. If you would like to sponsor this event or like to check out the awesome 2 million-golds-worth of items, click here.

→ GuildCast/Enjin Guild Site Contest | View Official Site

Do you have (or think you have ;D) an awesome Guild Wars guild?!? But, sadly, you don’t have a Guild Wars website?!? This contest is for you. GuildCast and Enjin are hosting a contest giving one first place winner and one second place winner 1 year of Ultimate Guild Site package and 1 year of Premium Guild Site package, respectively. More rules and regulations are on their website. Deadline is July 25th, 2011.

→ Blade Radio Wintersday in July 2011 | View Official Forum Post

It’s Wintersday in July in Tyria, and the folks down at Blade Radio are throwing a three-day party! Of course, there will be awesome prizes like Elite Kurzick armor, 50k giveaways, and much much more. Here are the dates, locations, and times:

Date: Friday – July 22,2011
Location: Embark Beach
District: International #1
Time: 10 AM -10 PM

Date: Saturday – July 23, 2011
Location: Embark Beach
District: International #1
Time: 10 AM -10 PM

Date: Sunday – July 24, 2011
Location: Embark Beach
District: International #1
Time: 10 AM -10 PM

Times are in Pacific Daylight Time.

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
Click the image below to view the latest issue.

Having problems resizing the comic? Click here to view the comic on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forum (scroll to the second post).


→ Adventure Awaits | The Adventure of a Girl and Her Dog

Here is a blog by a player named Ameranth (aka Kelly) that you should all set your eyes to! Ameranth and her dog are walking the whole United States, from Maine to the Pacific Ocean. What’s even more special is that this is all Guild-Wars inspired! She is approaching this “adventure/quest” in an MMORPG fashion. Along the way to the Pacific Ocean, this six-year Guild Wars veteran will be doing quests and missions, picking up achievements, and maybe we’ll see her help Farmer Dirk with his prize-winning hogs! This is one blog that you have to check out!

The Last Words

Most exciting thing for this week? Looking at all new engineer gameplay from the San Diego Comic-Con!. Hopefully, they will release the last profession, but if not, I’m just glad to get my engineer! Well, I’ll see you next time on the Roundup.

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