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We have a big surprise for this week! So, Gamescom 2009 showcased the GW2’s trailer, and Gamescom 2010 showcased their brand-new demo. Well, for Gamescom 2011 we have lots and LOTS more. Talk about playable Asuras and Sylvari, Charr starter areas, Character appearance customization, and my favorite: PvP. Heck yes! Anyways, here’s the latest from the community…

Official Releases

→ ArenaNet | Get Ready for Gamescom!

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Kill Ten Rats | [GW2] Community Questions on Necromancers

Ravious from Kill Ten Rats discusses the various Necromancer interviews throughout the community and talks about the difference between Wide-Audience Questions and Community Questions.

→ Hunter’s Insight | Collective Hopes & Collective Dreams

With the release of The Old Republic’s information on their Collector’s Edition, Hunter from Hunter’s Insight discusses what Guild Wars 2’s Collector’s Edition will be like. He looks back at all the Collector’s Editions from the previous Guild Wars, and he also includes his dreams of what the Collector’s Edition should have.

→ Hunter’s Insight | Guild Wars 2 PvP at Gamescom

The most heated up topic right now! PvP! Even if you’re a PvE-kinda-player, this is still something that you should check out! Hunter’s Insight discusses more on the type of PvP that is going to be played at Gamescon, and also gives his insight on the other topics from ArenaNet’s blogpost.

→ Talk Tyria | The Engineer: Excess Baggage

BigCat72 from Talk Tyria goes into depth about the Engineer’s playstyle, the different skill sets, and its controversy within the Guild Wars’ community.

→ Talk Tyria | Caithe of the Firstborn

Agree with Izari that its very hard to talk about the Sylvari when we don’t have enough information about them. Soon, that will about to change in the upcoming weeks. Izari from Talk Tyria, breaks down Caithe of the Firstborn in this character profile. Check this one out!

→ A Tyrian Odyssey | Dalada Uplands!

A Tyrian Odyssey is continuing its journey in the Charr Homelands. Join them as they embark deep into Charr territory into the Dalada Uplands!


No new podcasts for this week. Check back next week for more Guild Wars Discussions!

Upcoming Events and Contests

→ Drawing Exercise | Progression Stages – Art Challenge Week #18 | View Official Forum

The Art Challenge is still up! Instead of a drawing challenge for this week’s Art “Challenge”, we have a drawing exercise. Broken down into four different steps (sketch, refine, color, and finalize). Right now, the contest is in its third step (color), but you can still join the fun! Check this one out!

→ The Imperial Guards [TIG] Summerfest 2011! | View Official Forum

Join The Imperial Guards Alliance and GW-EN as they host a fun day full of events! Ranging from 6pm to 10pm (BST), there will be some GW Trivia, Hide ‘N Seek, and a lot more! Of course, they’ll be dishing awesome prizes like the Everlasting Tonic. Check this event out!

Date: August 13th, 2011
Location: Lion’s Arch
District: Korean Districts 1 & 2
Time: 6PM – 10PM BST (GMT + 1)

→ Pink Day in LA | View Official Forum

Pink Day in LA is back! GW-EN is hosting/reviving this tradition in support of Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. This year, they hope to raise $1337.00 . They will be encouraging everyone to donate to help this cause. If you can’t donate, then still come out for support and to win some awesome prizes. Don’t feel left out if you have no pink on, GW-EN will be providing the pink dyes for everyone! Check this event out!

Date: October 15th, 2011
Location: Lion’s Arch
District: International Districts
Time: 12PM – 6PM Central Standard Time (GMT -6)

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
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The Last Words

Just 16 more days until Gamescom! But alas! ArenaNet still promised us that we would have a Sylvari week before Gamescom. Either this week or next week. So, look out for that! Anyways, see you next time on the roundup…

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