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Gamescom 2009: First Trailer of ArenaNet was showcased for the first time
Gamescom 2010: First demo gameplay of Gamescom showcased for the first time
Gamescom 2011: First PvP gameplay, customization, Charr starter areas, seven professions, and LOTS LOTS MORE! Welcome all to the Roundup for Gamescom 2011. Let’s see what we have for the roundup…

Official Releases

→ ArenaNet | ArenaNet Class of 2012 Internship Program Now Accepting Applications
→ ArenaNet | Jon Peters on the New Gamescom Demo
→ ArenaNet | The Battle of Khylo – Jonathan Sharp on PvP
→ ArenaNet | Making the Battle of Khylo
→ Guild Wars 2 | PvP Overview

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Guild Wars 2 Guru | Ultimate Gamescom Thread 2011

Everything Gamescom right here in a convenient location! They got everything from written interviews, audio interviews, news coverage, official dev-tweets, high-quality videos, low-quality videos, and PvP videos…Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | Gamescon Days

The folks down at Talk Tyria gives us day-to-day coverage of Gamescom! We’ve got all-exclusive videos, interviews, blogs post, right here. Check out the action from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3! Check this one out!

→ Hunter’s Insight | Guild Wars 2 Gamescon Videos You Have to See

For all you fans out there, you know the feeling of Gamescom day, opening up your computer, going on to your favorite GW-fansite, clicking on a Guild Wars 2 PvP video, and waiting like a little child whose about to receive some delicious, jaw-dropping…Anyways, Hunter from Hunter’s Insight provides videos that he initially witnesses on Gamescom day and gives his feedback from what he saw.

→ Kill Ten Rats | [GW2] PvP Unveiled

Ravious from Kill Ten Rats discusses his point-of-view on what he initially thought of the PvP in Guild Wars 2. He goes through and comments on the information revealed by the PvP blog posts, and also compares Guild Wars 2’s PvP with that of other similar games. Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | I Swung a Sword, I Swung a Sword Again, I Gained a New Skill!

Malchior Devenholm from Talk Tyria talks about the new Demo changes made to the Guild Wars 2 demo. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages between the new system and old system of skill acquisition. He also talks about how the new systems conflicts with the “No Grind” Philosophy. Check this one out!

→ Very Distilled | Where is Guild in All of This?

With all the talk of PvP, Asuras, and Sylvari, we can’t forget the “Guild” in Guild Wars 2. However, we haven’t heard much about the Guild system other than that GvG won’t be making a comeback (courtesy of Ten Ton Hammer).

→ Secret Agent Cats | Character Customization Pictures

Tigerfeet from Secret Agent Cats is showcasing some awesome customization pictures from Gamescom for the Asura, Charr, Charr horns, and Sylvari.


→ The Lonely Asura | The Lonely Asura!

We have a new podcast in the Guild Wars community! The Lonely Asura is a new podcast that is part of the new Guild Wars 2 community, Ghost of Ascalon. Go check out their podcast, and don’t forget to give them some feedback love!

Upcoming Events and Contests

→ Shing Jea Shin-dig Part Duece | View Official Forum

Two Guilds: Disciples of the Lost Gods + Dragons Of the Rose = Shing Jea Shin-Dig! A twelve hour party filled with games and tons (I mean tons, seriously look at their list)! Don’t forget that Blade Radio will be providing the music, so down to Shing Jea Arena Outpost!

Date: August 28th, 2011
Location: Shing Jea Arena Outpost
District: International District 1
Time: 12PM-12AM, Noon to Midnight (Pacific Daylight Time)

→ Spider Sets – Art Challenge Week #19 | View Official Forum

Don’t be fooled! Art Challenge #18 is still up right here, but for those artist that want something new, here’s Art Challenge #19! Design your own spider-themed armor/cloth set!

→ Pink Day in LA | View Official Forum

(CORRECTIONS: SEE UPDATED TIMES AND DATES) Pink Day in LA is back! GW-EN is hosting/reviving this tradition in support of Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. This year, they hope to raise $13370.00. They will be encouraging everyone to donate to help this cause. If you can’t donate, then still come out for support and to win some awesome prizes. Don’t feel left out if you have no pink on, GW-EN will be providing the pink dyes for everyone! Check this event out!

Date: October 15th, 2011
Location: Lion’s Arch
District: International Districts
Time: 12PM – 6PM Central Standard Time (GMT -6)

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
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The Last Words

Well, Gamescom is finally over. Hopefully, we won’t be having to wait for a release date at Gamescom 2012! We now turn our attention to PAX Prime! Till then, I’ll see you next time on the Roundup…

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