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Take a breath. Let all that hype from Gamescon slowly exit your body. Exhale, then get ready for ArenaNet’s Penny Arcade Expo! Yes, this is the same demo as the one in Germany, except better because it’s in the United States (:D)! Anyways, here’s the latest from the community…

Official Releases

→ ArenaNet | PAX Prime Plans!

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Guild Wars 2 Guru | Ultimate PAX Thread 2011

The Gurus at Guild Wars 2 Guru compiles another awesome list of high quality videos, PAX schedules, interviews, and Developer tweets; all in this one comprehensive forum! Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | GW2PAX Day 1 and GW2PAX Day 2

Elixabeth from Talk Tyria shares her adventures at the Penny Arcade Expo and her thoughts on the necromancer and engineer professions! Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | Guilds and Alliance Wishlist and Guild Wars 2

Izari from Talk Tyria talks about ways to make that “Guild” part of “Guild Wars 2” stick. She talks about what should stay from Guild Wars 1 such as Hall of Monuments and Guild Halls, and also discusses what should be brought in such as advanced ranks and Siege PvP. Check this one out!

→ Hunter’s Insight | Things Gamescon Makes me Want to Talk About

Hunter from Hunter’s Insight gives his insight on what he wants in Guild Wars 2 after seeing the Gamescon demo. He’s got a lot of good suggestions here, everything from Guild Info, PvP Formats, Guild Membership, Character Slots, and much much more!

→ Talk Tyria | Is ArenaNet Doing Enough?

Damagedself from Talk Tyria gives a blog post for this week in response to TWIMMO’s Episode 55 about the Guild Wars 2 panel at SDCC, particularly about the similarities between RIFT and Guild Wars 2.

→ Hunter’s Insight | Customizing Your Asura Afro

Hunter from Hunter’s Insight talks about the different customization options for each of the races in Guild Wars 2, particularly the Asura!

→| Gamescon 2011 PvP Interview mit Jonathan Sharp

I don’t usually post interviews on the roundup but this new german website had the opportunity to chat with developer Jonathan Sharp on more PvP mechanics and a couple of personal background questions for the developer. Don’t worry, the interview is in English! Check this one out!

→ Crossing Tyria | Interview with Eric Flannum and Jeff Grubb

The folks down at Crossing Tyria had the opportunity to chat with Developers Eric Flannum and Jeff Grubb on topics such as lore questions, underwater mechanics, day/night cycles, and much more!


No Podcasts for this week. Check back next week for more Guild Wars discussion!

Upcoming Events and Contests

→ GWG Hosts Contest for Costume Codes | View Official Forum

Guild Wars Guru has recently acquired two codes for the Aegis of Unity Costume and one code for the Dragonguard Costume. And what’s the best way to hand out these codes? A speed-clear of Tahnnakai Temple in Hard Mode! The top three times will receive one of these lucky codes. More rules, regulations, and guidelines are on the official forum. Good luck and may the spirits of Cantha help you!

→ Pink Day in LA | View Official Forum

(CORRECTIONS: SEE UPDATED TIMES AND DATES) Pink Day in LA is back! GW-EN is hosting/reviving this tradition in support of Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. This year, they hope to raise $13370.00. They will be encouraging everyone to donate to help this cause. If you can’t donate, then still come out for support and to win some awesome prizes. Don’t feel left out if you have no pink on, GW-EN will be providing the pink dyes for everyone! Check this event out!

Date: October 15th, 2011
Location: Lion’s Arch
District: International Districts
Time: 12PM – 6PM Central Standard Time (GMT -6)

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
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The Last Words

Two tradeshow events in a row! I bet the ArenaNet team must be certainly tired. Well, they have some time to rest because the next convention they have is a month from now at the Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London! I hope they don’t sleep too much, they have a closed beta they need to develop….Anyways! I’ll see you next time on the roundup…

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