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With last week came ‘human week’ from ArenaNet: a set of blog posts designed to look at humans in Guild Wars 2. The week was filled with various posts involving sound clips, artwork, lore and much more. Naturally, the Guild Wars community reacted heavily to this and below is just a snippet of what happened. Plus, remember to check the bottom of this post for some details on an awesome party!

Official Releases

[BLOG] Oh, the Humanity! Human Week Begins
[BLOG] Against the Wall: Humanity in Guild Wars 2
[BLOG] Character Art in Guild Wars 2 – Designing Humans
[GW2] Human Week Continues with New Video and Lore
[BLOG] The Line of Duty – The Three Military Orders of Kryta

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

Guild Wars Guru

Dervish Update Preview
Before delving into human week on the various Guild Wars fansites, I’d like to draw your attention to the upcoming dervish update. Last week, Guild Wars Guru announced that more information has recently been made available on this update over on the official Wiki page and that it’s not only skills that are receiving a boost, but the mechanics of the dervish too. The aim of this update is not just to make a dervish do more damage, but rather to make playing this profession more enjoyable; therefore, over 90% of the dervish’s skills have been changed in some form. Without time to go into much detail, I highly recommend you read this information for yourself – a lot of it looks to be a great improvement on the dervish.

Guild Wars 2 Guru

Guild Wars 2 FAQ Updated – 2011 Closed Beta Confirmed
The official FAQ for Guild Wars 2 was updated last week with the announcement of a closed alpha/beta test at some point during this year. Guild Wars 2 Guru were quick to pick up on this, though they hastened to add that ‘There is currently no sign up for any form of beta and when there is, it will be announced on the official Guild Wars 2 site’ – so watch out for those scams!

Forum post: ‘Favorite part of human week?’
Getting back to human week, this forum post started by Romanator0 discusses player’s favourite parts to human week, whether it be a specific blog post or, for some players, the ending of this human-filled week! There’s a great mix of opinions in this post, so why not add your own?


Queen Jennah of Kryta
Queen Jennah: monarch to humanity. Despite the release some, if not vaque, details, this particular character is still shrouded in mystery. Izari, over at TalkTyria, attempts to shed some light on this mysterious Queen of Kryta and takes an in-depth look at our perceptions of her, which for many, leaves a lot to be desired. If you’ve got an itchin’ for some Krytan Royalty, then this is the blog post to soothe those sores!


Relics of Orr:

Episode 28
If you haven’t already listened to this gigantic 2 hour-long episode of Relics of Orr, the hosts discuss ‘once and for all’ the guardian profession and its various mechanics. On top of this, there’s the usual lightly comical banter and many of what we’ll dub ‘mini-discussions’.

Episode 29
The second episode to be released last week, this latest one maintains the theme of human week by discussing various aspects of the race. The group also take a look at how armour is looking to shape up in Guild Wars 2, the closed beta, the dervish update preview and the possibility of a race release per week until the new demo.


Episode 36
This week’s episode from GuildCast looks at humans in a different way: Rubi and Shawn present their differing opinions on voice acting, with Rubi drawing comparisons to the older ‘Races of Tyria’ video, in which voices appear to be very different from what ArenaNet have revealed to us recently. The two also look at lore and character art for humans, delve into their email pile and even find time for another update on Massively Overpowered’s recent activity.

Creative Works

Dynamic Events Comic:

The latest addition to Overlord’s comic has just been uploaded! Click the image below to view Issue 20.


Upcoming and Past Events

Eternal Tormentors of the Crypt [EToC] Party:

[EToC] are hosting a party for all the lovely people of Guild Wars! Fancy some free stuff courtesy of the guild and some great tunes thanks to Come along to the event – details below.
Date: Friday 25th February
Time: 10pm – 1am (EST)
Location: Fisherman’s Haven (American District 1)
IGN Contact: Fabian Torrent


  • Hangman. The missing word will be typed into the chat, with a new letter added every few seconds. The first to whisper the host with the correct answer will win a prize!
  • Costume contest. The standard costume contest, where participants don their best costumes/armour, line up and are free to do whatever emote they desire. 

    1st place: Destroyer Spear and Zelnehlun’s Longbow
    2nd place: r13 Soul Reaping Celestial Compass and Zelnehlun’s Longbow
    3rd place: r9 Insightful Suntouched Staff and Zelnehlun’s Longbow
    4th place: r9 Fiery Dragon Sword and Zelnehlun’s Longbow
    5th place: r11 Runic Blade and The Bison Cup
  • Guess the skill. A random skill will be described in the chat and the first player to whisper to the host with the correct answer will win one of the items below.

    First 10 rounds: A normal tome of the profession the skill was from
    Last 5 rounds: An elite tome of the profession the skill was from

There will be a break of twenty minutes between each event, during which there may be minigames to keep you entertained!

The Last Words

Well, last week certainly was a busy one for the humans of Guild Wars 2, not to mention the rest of us more-than-virtual humans! From now on, we’ll be moving the community roundup to Monday nights so we can squeeze even more information in, just for you. That’s about it from me for this week – see you in seven days time.

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