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The Eurogamer Expo came and went? Surprised? There hasn’t been much coverage from both ArenaNet nor the community. I’m guessing they are still got their eyes glued to videos from PAX Prime! Anyways, here’s the latest on the roundup…

Official Releases

→ ArenaNet | ImagineFX Spotlights ArenaNet Artists

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

→ Guild Wars 2 Guru | Guild Wars 2 in London

Guild Wars 2 Guru sums of ArenaNet’s visit to London. Although there hasn’t been much coverage of this convention, check out their list of videos from the Eurogamer Expo!

→ Kill Ten Rats | [GW2] Asuran Intricacies

Ravious from Kill Ten Rats was a bit quiet during Asura Week (i.e. we received no blog posts from this matter). Check out his article on why and also why the he thinks that the Asura are the most superficial player-race in Guild Wars 2!

→ Hunter’s Insight | [GW2] Stereotypical Guilds in Five Acts

This blog post is really amusing! Check out what five characters representing the five different races have to say about you joining their guild! Check this one out!

→ Attached to Keyboard | Guilds in Guild Wars 2: If You Make It, They Will Come

Tasha from Attached to Keyboard looks at the Multi-Guild problem from various perspective. She weighs the pros and cons of this new system. Check this one out!

→ Talk Tyria | The Subject of Guild Loyalty

Another Guild article! Izari from Talk Tyria gives her insight talks about the benefits that both Guild Leaders and members will receive from this new Guild system as well as the downfalls to it. Check this one out!

→ Hunter’s Insight | Airships

When we first saw airships in Guild Wars 2, whether that be in a concept art montage or in the Gamescon 2011 video, I’m pretty sure we all scratched our heads. Hunter from Hunter’s Insight discusses some of the purposes of these mysterious Airships.

→ A Tyrian Odyssey | Cathedral of Flames

The A Tyrian Odyssey gang is back as they explore the Depths of Tyria and into the Cathedral of Flames. Check this one out!

→ Under the Pale Tree | Here be Dragons!

Verene from Under the Pale Tree talks about the lore and enigma surrounding Dragons, the foes we seek to destroy in Guild Wars 2! Check this one out!


→ Guild Wars Insider | GWI EP3 Asura Madness!

“This week Seven is joined by Hexwise, Talk Tyria’s self-proclaimed secretary extraordinaire, for a recap of the PAX Demo, PvP battles, and the awesomeness that was Asura Week.” Check this one out!

Upcoming Events and Contests

→ Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest | View Official Page

ArenaNet is hosting the Halloween Art Contest! To them, “Art” is a very broad term. Do whatever “artisty” as long as its creative! You could paint a halloween-filled Tyria picture, make a Guild Wars Halloween costume, or even decorate your home in a Guild Wars Halloween theme. Send ArenaNet a picture, and you could be the lucky to win some awesome prizes, not to mention the infamous Charr Plush! Deadline is October 13th. More rules and regulations are on their official page.

→ Pink Day in LA | View Official Forum

(CORRECTIONS: SEE UPDATED TIMES AND DATES) Pink Day in LA is back! GW-EN is hosting/reviving this tradition in support of Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. This year, they hope to raise $13370.00. They will be encouraging everyone to donate to help this cause. If you can’t donate, then still come out for support and to win some awesome prizes. Don’t feel left out if you have no pink on, GW-EN will be providing the pink dyes for everyone! Check this event out!

Date: October 15th, 2011
Location: Lion’s Arch
District: International Districts
Time: 12PM – 6PM Central Standard Time (GMT -6)

Creative Works

→ Dynamic Events
Click the image below to view the latest issue.

Having problems resizing the comic? Click here to view the comic on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forum (scroll to the second post).


→ New Krytan Translator Android App | View Forum

Iimzodar has created a New Krytan Translator phone application that will go well with your Android! Check this one out!

The Last Words

Well, the last convention for ArenaNet will be Paris during the third week of October. After that, the studio will be working ever so diligently for the closed beta some time in the end of the year. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next time on the roundup!

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