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Last week was fairly quiet on the Guild Wars 2 front for official news. However, crossing back to Guild Wars, there was the much anticipated dervish update which changed 90% of dervish skills. Even before this update there were numerous community speculations, so what’s it been like since the update was actually revealed? Find out below.

Official Releases

[GW1] Major Dervish Skill Balance
[BLOG] Assuring Quality – QA at ArenaNet

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

“I Move Like a Dwarf!”

MVOP Night and the Dervish Update
Since most of the dervish skills have been changed, it’s likely your old build just won’t cut it anymore. Stuck for ideas on a new one? CornishRocker gives a great little build that focuses on conditions and flash enchantments, as well as very briefly summing how the dervish update affected him.

Guild Wars Guru

Dervish Freeplay Event
With the release of the update, the guys from our GuildMag Podcast and held a night full of dervish PvP. The aim was to test out the ‘new’ dervish and generally have a fun time playing it. You can view everything that happened by clicking here, though the file is 466 MB and in MP4 format.

Forum post: ‘Update – 2/17’
This mammoth of a forum topic is the place to discuss the recent update! Already there are hundreds of posts discussing the pros and cons of the revival of the eponymous profession, as well as the changes to Asuran Scan, Intensity and a few other skills.

Forum post: ‘Dervish update effects on GW’
Not quite ready to face the onslaught (*cough* surely you see the pun?) of the other forum post regarding dervishes? Not to worry – we’re thinking of you too! This smaller topic, begun last week, again discusses the update, paying particular attention to how the current metas will be affected, as well as offering differing views on the usefulness of said changes.



Episode 37
Last week saw another great podcast from the duo at GuildCast. In this episode, the two take a look at the dervish update as well as taking a much-needed dive into their email pile. In particular, they uncover a listener who wishes to introduce her World of Warcraft-playing friend to Guild Wars, which sparks up the classic WoW vs GW discussion – definitely worth listening to especially if, like myself, you’ve yet to step foot into the realm of WoW.

Relics of Orr:

Episode 30
The Joker has arrived. Last week’s podcast from Relics opens with a Guild Wars-ified quote from the Joker and then tumbles head-first into a world of hot coffee, accounting, the dervish update and a little bit of Guild Wars 2 discussion too. The guys also ask the question of whether or not releasing a slightly less-than-perfect game earlier is better than releasing a perfect game later.  


Malchior Devenholm’s YouTube Channel

Visit Channel
Our very own Malchior has his own YouTube Channel in which he currently features videos of his early dervish tests following the update. He hopes to add to his collection in the coming weeks with his project ‘Let’s Play Nightfall’, so why not support one of our team members whilst watching some great dervish footage?

The Last Words

So, overall last week was fairly Guild Wars-orientated. This week promises to be the awaited ‘Norn Week’ which should be similar to the ‘Human Week’ we experienced not long ago. What will be made of all the new information? Only time will tell.

P.S. I should have posted this in the previous Community Roundup, though I forgot to: Overlord would like to appologise that there was not a Dynamic Events comic last week, though it should return to normal for the next Roundup. See you then!

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