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For many people, last week heralded a bag of mixed feelings. The leak of the thief profession brought joy encapsulated in pain, putting ArenaNet’s thief video teaser at a disadvantage. Moving to the Guild Wars we currently play, however, there was a different story; one of hope and prosperous tidings – the Embark Beach update.

Official Releases

[GW1] New Security Update on NCsoft Master Accounts
[GW1] Discover Embark Beach!
[BLOG] Prepare for PAX East and… the Thief!

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

Hunter’s Insight

General Thievery
Once again, we feature Hunter’s Insight. This time, the blog takes a look at the current information available on the thief profession. If you’re not yet up to speed on the thief, then this is the blog post to get you there!

Guild Wars Guru

Forum post: ‘Mercenary Heroes’
Excited about the new mercenary heroes? Looking forward to your half-naked monk running around DoA? Or perhaps you’re completely against the idea? Whatever your view on mercenary heroes, this is the place to discuss them! Although the post was started before the update, it’s still going strong, so why not add your view?


A Love Letter to ArenaNet
A somewhat controversial post from TalkTyira; here, The Lazy Geek displays his views on the new update, which sadly, he doesn’t think too fondly of. This blog post makes for a great read if you’re looking to explore the eponymous build as it offers a viewpoint completely different to those of others and there’s a decent discussion happening on the comments section which is worth reading.


Relics of Orr:

Episode 32
It’s interview time! This special episode from Relics is one giant interview with John Stumme of ArenaNet. The interview looks at the latest update which brought about Embark Beach, 7 hero parties, minion UI and much more! Don’t want to read the developer update notes? Here’s your solution!

Episode 33
Two Relics episodes in one week? NUH WAAIII! This episode takes a look at the thief profession leak videos, which ArenaNet later confirmed as a profession in Guild Wars 2. The krewe also take a look at Guild Wars 2’s ‘painterly style’ vs photo-realism, weather effects, the embargo on Embark Beach and mercenary heroes too. Plus there’s a discussion involving accents and voices! What more could you possibly want?

Creative Works

Dynamic Events Comic:

Created in record time, the latest installment is here! Click the image below to view it.

Upcoming and Past Events

Guild Wars Guru GvG Championship Series:

Visit forum page | Visit mini-site

Guild Wars Guru is holding a GvG (guild versus guild) tournament, with registration beginning on 19th March until 4th April. The tournament is open to players of all GvG abilities/experience, and on top of this they’ll be running workshops to help those who are new to this aspect of Guild Wars. There are some cool prizes up for grabs and all the information you need can be found using the above two links. Good luck to all those who take part!

Masquerade Madness:

Visit forum page | Visit Wiki page 

“Mask the identity. Reveal the hidden personality.”

The Myth and Legends Alliance [Myth], along with Sweet Misty Fire [SWT], present Masquerade Madness: a night of mystery and imagination! Don your best mask and costume, bring a date and head down to Ascalon City International District 1 on 26th March from 6-9pm EST (11pm-2am GMT). There’s a HUGE amount of stuff going on – too much to list here – so be sure to click one of the links above or view the advert in our latest GuildMag issue. Some notable activities include:

  •  Best King and Queen Masquerade Couple
  • “Mythic Relay Race” – This is a race with 5 outposts. You will receive clues as to where the next person will be. All important information is given before the race begins. You must register by private messaging I black spike I here or here, up until 1 day before the event starts. Make sure to give your ingame name in the pm too. Prizes for this event include a whopping 25 ectos for the first place winner.
  • Tonnes of minigames including hangman, ‘tag you’re it’, trivia questions and the usual free drinks.

This event is going to be big! You’ll be sure to see myself there for one, and most likely many other GuildMag team members too! If you have the chance, I urge you to check it out.


Still craving more information on the thief and GDC in general? Then look no further! Below are three awesome websites offering more thief-stimuating content than a norn’s bottomless keg of ale.


The Last Words

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