Community Roundup

Sadly, it’s been more quiet than most other weeks on the community front. Don’t despair, however, for the discussion continues! Despite the lull of happenings, we’ve still found some interesting topics so without further ado, it’s time for the community to enter center stage…

Official Releases

[BLOG] FUTUREPOLY Offers Digital Painting Online Masterclass
[BLOG] Go Forth and Multiply: The Hylek
[GW1] Community: Galas, Masquerades, and More!
[BLOG] Video: The Guild Wars 2 PAX East Panel

Fansites, Forums and Blogs

A Tyrian Odyssey

Crystal Overlook
Considering the weekend just gone devoted itself to double Sunspear and Lightbringer rank points, I think it’s appropriate we include the latest set of posts from A Tyrian Odyssey. They’re a great read, covering travels through the Desolation and whether you’ve completed Nightfall or not, there’s some great tidbits contained in these posts you might never have noticed otherwise. Newer posts for the Desolation so far include:


‘Hyleket,’ Anyone?
Yet another great post by TalkTyria. Published by Elixabeth (one of our new editors and Community Researchers), this one discusses the hyleks of Guild Wars 2. Known as hekets in Guild Wars, Elixabeth looks at possible reasons behind the name change; any lore fans out there will find this post particularly interesting!

Guild Wars Guru

Forum post: ‘April Fools 2011’
Up for a bit of lighthearted speculation? This self-explanatory forum post at Guru offers some ideas on what ArenaNet might have in store for us this year for April Fool’s day. Got an idea you’d love to see happen? Share it here!


Relics of Orr:

Unfortunately, there were no new podcasts last week from either Relics or GuildCast. However, Ryan has some important news to share with the fans of the Relics of Orr podcast, which can be found by clicking here. I think I speak for everyone here at GuildMag when I wish him a speedy recovery!

Creative Works

Dynamic Events Comic:

Better late than never: the Dynamic Events comic we didn’t feature last time is finally here after arriving fashionably late! Click the image below to view it.

Unfortunately, Overlord couldn’t produce a comic last week due to technical problems.

Having problems resizing the image? Click here to view the comic on the Guild Wars 2 Guru forum (scroll to the bottom of the second post).

Upcoming and Past Events

Guild Wars Guru GvG Championship Series:

Visit forum page | Visit mini-site
Guild Wars Guru is holding a GvG (guild versus guild) tournament, with registration beginning on 19th March until 4th April. The tournament is open to players of all GvG abilities/experience, and on top of this they’ll be running workshops to help those who are new to this aspect of Guild Wars. There are some cool prizes up for grabs and all the information you need can be found using the above two links. Good luck to all those who take part!

The Last Words

Well, that’s the last Community Roundup to be produced solely by myself. As of next week, the three new Community Researchers will be helping to compile all future ones; see you then!
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