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Content Coming to Southsun Cove


Trouble is brewing on the tropical island of Southsun Cove.

The merchants and traders of The Consortium have given shelter to refugees driven from their lands by the Molten Alliance, but many of these new arrivals feel more like prisoners than guests. With the new settlers on the verge of rioting and someone—or something—driving the local wildlife to new heights of aggression, it’s up to you and Lionguard Inspector Kiel to quell the violence and discover the Secret of Southsun!


On the 14th May 2013, Southsun Cove will be getting some brand new content! Kicking off a new story arc, The Secret of Southsun Cove will see mysterious new animals attack the settlers of the eponymous Karka-land. Pair up with Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard to ensure the safety of Southsun residents and restore law and order to the Cove.

In addition to this, a new mini-game entitled Crab Toss will hit the beaches of Southsun, as will a new mechanic to WvW: traps. For all the info, and to keep up with what’s happening, check out the official release page.

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