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Critical Damage Changes in the April Feature Pack

Today, ArenaNet have released new details regarding critical damage changes in the upcoming April Feature Pack. A new stat called Ferocity will be introduced, which will increase your critical damage as you put more points into it; similar to how precision works for critical chance. At level 80, it will take 15 points of Ferocity to increase your critical damage by 1%. For the current berserker meta, this change means an overall decrease in DPS by around 10%, but it’s hoped that the change will pave the way for more build diversity in the future.

Other changes happening to critical damage are how it’s displayed to you. A critical hit without any bonus critical damage will deal 150% of your normal attack damage. With the current hero stat UI in place, this may not be clear to everyone, as it’s only your bonus critical damage – the percentage on top of the 150% – which is displayed. This will be changed in the upcoming release so that your entire critical damage is displayed, and not just the bonus on top of the 150%.

The change to critical damage will hit Celestial gear harder than other stat combination pieces due to its relatively high critical damage bonus. To compensate, all Celestial stats will receive a 6% increase in their values.

And that’s it for Ferocity and critical damage changes. What are your thoughts on everything? Will we see the decline of the berserker meta, or will it just be slowed down? Let us know in the comments section below!

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