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Cutthroat Politics

As we mentioned earlier due to the death of both Ashford and his second as a result of Dragon Bash and the Flame & Frost war respectively, there’s now a free seat in the council. Both Ellen Kiel and  Evon Gnashblade are in the run for this sole seat and YOU will be the one that decides who takes the grand prize! Participate in all-new minigames and other activities during the next two weeks (starting this Tuesday) to collect Support Tokens and coins to bring out your vote in the end. Below you’ll find a list of the running points from either candidate and for more information about the upcoming patch, head over to the Guild Wars 2 release page.

Evon Gnashblade


As owner and proprietor of the Black Lion Trading Company, I have the proven leadership skills and business acumen that is sorely needed on the Captain’s Council. With your support, I will secure a trade agreement with the Zephyrites that benefits us all.

If I am elected to the Captain’s Council, I’ll show my gratitude for your support in the following ways:

  • I’ll slash prices on Black Lion Keys for four whole weeks
  • I’ll sponsor important Fractals of the Mist research into the Fall of Abaddon, to be completed by the end of the year
  • I’ll host a rotation of popular activities like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

You can find me in the Zephyr Sanctum, working for the best interest of Lion’s Arch.

Ellen Kiel

EllenKielI’ve stood by the people of Lion’s Arch in good times and bad, defending her from all manner of threat. Now I want to ensure the security of our beloved city in a different capacity, as a member of the Captain’s Council. I’ll need your support to establish a fair trade treaty between Zephyr Sanctum and Lion’s Arch.

If I’m fortunate enough to earn a position on the Captain’s Council, here’s what you can expect from Ellen Kiel:

  • I’ll reduce waypoint travel prices for four weeks’ time
  • I’ll support important Fractals of the Mists research into the Thaumanova Reactor explosion by the end of the year
  • I’ll introduce a rotating schedule of activities such as Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

Come find me in Zephyr Sanctum; let’s work together for a brighter future!



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