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Daredevil, New Thief Elite Specialisation Revealed

It’s this time again! Another new elite specialisation has been revealed for the upcoming expansion to the Guild Wars 2 universe, Heart of Thorns. This time it’s the thief’s turn. As a thief, you will be able to specialise as a daredevil; this will open up a whole host of new abilities to you, focused on high evasion and the ability to quickly finish off your opponent, and then move on to your next target even quicker. The daredevil will ‘wield a staff, use physical skills and take advantage of unique dodge roll abilities’.


The theme for the new specialisation is the ability for the daredevil to fight close up with groups of enemies at once with area of effect abilities, but still be capable of pumping out high single target damage. ArenaNet offer a great sentence summing up the daredevil in their announcement post: ‘With its high evasion potential, we’re excited to see the daredevil zipping around the battlefield, crushing vulnerable groups of enemies, and pressing the fight forward to the end’. Sounds exciting, right?

There’s a clear and strong focus on evasion; upon selecting the specialisation you’ll be given a new endurance bar, bringing your endurance total up to 150. And on top of this you’ll be given the choice of three dodge roll enhancements, which are: Lotus Training, Bounding Dodger and Unhindered Combatant. With Lotus Training, every time you dodge you’ll throw out daggers that bleed, torment and cripple enemies. With Bounding Dodger selected, your dodge roll will be changed to a bound which will deal crushing damage at the point where you land. And finally, Unhindered Combatant changes your dodge roll to a dash, allowing you to dodge further and remove chilling and cripple effects from yourself as you do.

Wielding a staff will give you access to a large amount of area of effect skills, something thieves don’t generally have a lot of. One interesting skill is Debilitating Arc, which hits an arc of enemies, cripples them and launches you backwards. This sounds like it could be very effectively used with the Bounding Dodger dodge roll modifier. The daredevil will also focus heavily on physical skills which are single target based, disabling, blinding and eliminating weakened enemies. The new elite spell is a combo, delivering three successive strikes to a single enemy, with the final skill in the combo granting the daredevil the ability to quickly finish an enemy, so long as they’re downed.

There are also a whole host of new traits attached to the daredevil specialisation, all, obviously, keeping within the theme of dodging and disabling. You can read these on the official announcement post linked above, or catch the daredevil in action on today’s Points of Interest at 12 pm PDT/UTC-7 on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. To me, this sort of play style is exactly what the thief was currently missing and I’m really excited to try it out. I’ve said in a previous article how much I love the Guild Wars 2 dodge roll, so this specialisation seems like the perfect one for me.

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