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Death of the Subscription Model

Chris Lye, global brand manager to ArenaNet, has recently spoken about the decline of the subscription model in today’s MMOs in an interview with The Verge. In it, he discusses the future of the subscription model in the MMO industry and how the business model adopted can affect a game’s community – something which ArenaNet have taken very seriously during the development of Guild Wars 2. If you have a chance, check out the article!

“I think that any developer who is looking to do an online game and wants to retain a long tail of an online community that they’re going to continue to work with has to seriously consider is subscription the best model or has that really been ridden to death? A lot of players are telling us ‘we don’t want to be locked into a subscription, we want an a la carte model of what we spend our money on.'”

Source: ‘Guild Wars 2’ and the death rattle of the subscription game

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