Death Shrouds

Hey, friend. You’re dead. You are so dead that waypointing is no longer an option. It’s okay, we’ll work through this together. The first thing we need is… no, not to remember your name… The first thing we need is to find you some new clothes! That awful shroud you were buried with simply won’t do. Don’t worry, I’ve got something just for you! These medium armour outfits are all the rage for those living their best post-life.

The Vampire

This look is designed for those with class, sophistication and overwhelming bloodlust. It is the perfect attire for stalking the long nights of Tyria.


Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Mask – Free

Wear this mask and the sclera of the eye becomes infected with darkness. The blood of your last meal stains your lips and is smeared around the surrounding skin.

This frightful mask can only be obtained during Tyria’s Halloween event, where all you need to do is complete the achievement ‘A Royal Tradition’ to receive a Lunatic Hat Box. Simply demonstrate your obedience through a game of Mad King Says and select the medium armor option from said box.

Alternatively, you can purchase the mask’s crafting recipe for 1 Candy Corn Hob from the Lunatic Alchemist in the Trader’s Forum of Lion’s Arch. The materials for crafting will cost 8g 25s.

If you’re afraid you’ll decompose by the time Halloween next rolls by, consider instead the Bloodstone Visage. This skin gives your eyes a red aura from which emanates wisps of blood-red magic.

To obtain this alternative piece, complete the Bloodstone Harvest achievement which will have you collecting shards of bloodstone from around Tyria and also hunting the different varieties of bloodstone-crazed creatures.


Warbeast Shoulderpads – 17g 3s

This outfit, punctuated with expressive curves, wouldn’t be complete without this shoulder piece. See the mysterious orb in its metal setting? Dye that a bright red to match the ominous theme.

Barring a lucky drop from Forged champions, the main acquisition method is crafting via a level 400 leatherworker. The recipe book can be bought from the trading post, but if you get one drop from the Forged it will take 9g 50s off the above price.


Funerary Jerkin – Free

In the style of the Primeval kings, this coat is regal at the front and dramatic at the back. It is studded with gems which can be dyed the same bright red as the orb in the shoulders to tie the pieces together.

Earn this coat through the achievement ‘Glorify the Golden Heart’ which involves fighting powerful djinn and exploring the lair of Zommoros in the Crystal Desert. Note that you will need 5 Amalgamated Gemstones, currently worth 8g 94s, to complete the collection.

If you’ve received your reward for the achievement but failed to choose the medium armor option, travel to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings in the Desert Highlands. The Primeval Steward will sell another coat box for 18 Elegy Mosaics and 4g 80s.


Council Watch Gloves – 180 Seals of Beetletun

Enhance the gothic vibe of your outfit with these metallic fingertips shaped like claws. On charr the gloves appear fingerless as, naturally, they prefer their own claws.

It can be bought with Seals of Beetletun from the Dungeon Merchant near the Vigil Centerhouse in Lion’s Arch. The Seals are acquired by daring the explorable paths of Caudecus’s Manor.


Funerary Leggings – Free

From the same set as the fantastic Funerary Jerkin, these leggings have an interesting shape that’s unique among medium armor options.

Complete an achievement called ‘The Collection of Tribute’ to earn them by gathering resources throughout the Crystal Desert. If you choose a different reward on completion, visit the Primeval Steward mentioned above and purchase the appropriate box for 18 Elegy Mosaics and 2g 40s.


Bladed Boots – 1g and 500 Airship Parts

Though the curved blades of these boots complements the blade of the Warbeast Shoulderpads, their places of acquisition could not be further apart.

Head to Verdant Brink and earn Airship Parts by helping with events throughout the map. You can purchase the boots from the Itzel Mastery Vendor once you’ve learned the language through the Itzel Lore branch of the mastery system.


Midnight Fire – 2g 20s
Rosewood – 8g 99s
Murky Grey – 8g 50s
Abyss – 9g 21s

The Ghostly Cat

There’s a ghostly cat in the haunted Harvest Cascades of Lake Doric and it is hungry. Maybe you’ll tame it as you bond over your deathly states.

Inspired by this cat, here’s a shadowy outfit with eerie lights to spook the locals in you favourite haunting spots. While this outfit fits a charr best, it can can just as easily be adapted for other races.


Spearmarshal’s Mask – 7g 78s, 8163 karma and 80 Trade Contracts

This headpiece is tied off with two long strips of cloth at the back. Just imagine it flapping in the wind, with chilling eyes peering through the gap.

To begin with, acquire the Elonian Helm Box by completing the Path of Fire story step ‘Sacrifice’. You will then have access to ‘Page of Spearmarshal Helm Recipes’ sold by heart vendors in Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands and Elon Riverlands. Purchase it for the above karma and Trade Contracts, and choose the correct recipe.


Leystone Jerkin – Free

This chest piece brings forth streams of wispy ghostlike light. In dyeing the other pieces, the idea is to find a dye to match the glow coming from the leystone as closely as possible.

You can receive the Leystone Jerkin for free by travelling to Dragon Stand and taking part in the epic meta event to slay the Mouth of Mordremoth. If you have already received the Leystone Coat Box,visit the merchant located either near the entrance of the map or at the end after completing the meta. Through them you may buy another coat box for 100 Crystalline Ore, 150 Airship Parts, 150 Lumps of Aurillium and 150 Ley Line Crystals.


Storm Gloves – 500 gems

With these gloves your paws will crackle with ominous energy. This is a Gem Store purchase worth approximately 182g 55s.


Leystone Leggings – 100 Crystalline Ore, 150 Airship Parts, 150 Lumps of Aurillium and 150 Leystone Crystals

Matching the Leystone Jerkin, this piece of armor causes flecks of light to float around your legs.

There’s a chance of finding a Leystone Legging box within the Noxious Pods scattered around Dragon Stand, but the most reliable way to get it is through the same merchant I noted in the Leystone Jerkin section.


Wrangler Boots – 80s

These charr cultural boots resemble strips of cloth wrapped around paws, giving this ghostly look a touch of austerity.

Purchase this from Eliana, the tier 2 cultural armor vendor in the Black Citadel. If you partake in World vs. World, you can buy this at the even cheaper price of 20 Badges of Honor and 40s. Just look for the skritt trader at either the Borderlands or Eternal Battlegrounds staging areas.


Sea Frost – 9s
Murky Grey – 8g 50s
Ash – 16s

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