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Dervish Update!

Today marks the release of the long-awaited dervish upgrade, perhaps one of the most drastic updates ever concerning one specific profession. Over 90% of the dervish skills have been redesigned making it almost look like a whole new profession! They’ve also added a new mechanic: Flash Enchantments!

Here’s a sneak-peak:

We approached this update for the Dervish by first examining what role we’d like him to fulfill. At the moment, the Dervish fulfills a hodgepodge of roles, including melee fighter, condition applier, PBAoE spellcaster, and healer. However, none of these roles really defines the Dervish in the same way that “minion master” describes Necromancers or “nuker” describes Elementalists. When developing a defined role for the Dervish, we looked at what types of gameplay mechanics his skills tended to have. Of these mechanics, we determined which ones added value to parties in PvE and PvP.

If you want to read more about the dervish update and see what it all causes to change? Head over to the Developer Update on the official Guild Wars site!

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