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Destination: Embark Beach

I officialy booked my vacation for this year, my destination? Embark Beach! Today marks one of the biggest changes to Guild Wars since it released back in 2005. Many of these features have been wanted for ages, but were not implemented for various reasons.

Today however, everything is possible. We received a new hub, Embark Beach, where you can travel to all outposts for misions so that making friends and teaming up is easier than ever before! Embark Beach also lends for the perfect trade hub, as it includes every NPC that you would need for this, multiplied by three for extra awesomeness!~ 

Alongside Embark Beach, we also received the ability to take 7 heroes with us, where possible! You’ll no longer need Henchmen and have to rely on their pre-set builds, since you can now form your own team, with their own builds. To make sure that you can actually take more than three heroes of the same profession with you, you can now also create mercenary heroes which will allow you to clone one of your characters and have it travel with any of your other characters as a hero!

Long wanted, never obtained is also the implementation of Zaishen Vanquishes, which allow you to Vanquish a new area every day in return for an extra reward, perhaps now you can finish off that Vanquish title with this extra incentive!

Ever wanted to be a Legendary Defender of Ascalon and Survivor at the same time? Perhaps even without ever dieing once? You can now do so, as Pre-Searing has got nine additional daily quests that take away the need to death-level into oblivion, just talk to Lieutenant Langmar for more details! Also new in Pre-Searing is the addition of the skill trader which allow you to learn all the skills that are available for your profession in pre-sear! Another service added to Pre-Searing is Kimmes the Historian, you know, that guy from the Hall of Monuments which lets you change your account from personal to account based. He now also has the magical ability to let you register Legendary Defender of Ascalon, Survivor, Drunkard, Sweet Tooth, and Party Animal – talk about a bunch of titles! In short, you just never need to leave Pre-Searing every again. Just enjoy that day, again, and again, and again!

Speaking of the Survivor title, this one also got an update and can now be achieved even after death! The only thing that is still required is that you need to accumulate the same amount of experience in one go without dieing, though you can try that as many times as you want since you’ll no longer be blocked away from this title if you died before.

Minion UI is another wanted feature, which basicly lets you take more advanced control of your minions! Just like the Ranger pet, you can now make sure that your minions attack the guy that you’re attacking, or put him on a more reactionary position. All in all, be carefull not to like the new UI too much, because before you know, you actually want to run a necromancer or ritualist yourself!

Then we also got a couple of other changes.

Drunkard is now point based, which means that you can now just gather your booze, drink them all in once, and suffer from a heavy intoxicnation. Ok, kidding, but point is, this title now works the same as the party and the sugar title, which should probably give you some more time to do other stuff than just waiting to click on that booze-icon again after one, two or three minuts.

Login as… Yup, another wanted feature which is now available for you to use, just login and pretend you aren’t there while being ‘Logged in as offline’! (Or just as ‘Away’ or ‘Do not Disturb’)

Ready Checks… Everyone read? Yup, checked, oh wait, we no longer need to ask that because you can now just check off your ready-check when you’re ready! Easy as that.

Do you feel the vibe that’s surrounding me and this blogpost? Yeah, that’s the vibe of one exceptional awesome update! Now just make sure you get a meme done for John Stumme! Though we should probably make a big meme for all the Guild Wars Live teammembers, as they’re all that awesome. Be sure to let us know what your favorite new addition to Guild Wars is, if you can actually pick a favorite, I know I can’t!

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