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Disasters in Japan

As we’ve all seen or heard via the news or otherwise, Japan has been struck by an earthquake with terrible consequences. The earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9-9.0 has caused a Tsunami to hit Japan and destroy thousands of houses and has taken away as many lives. Another consequence of this all is that because of the earthquake, a nuclear reactor has been leaking nuclear gas in the area around the plant. Currently another one is at the brink of exploding as well.

Normally we only focus on everything Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, but we really would want to turn away this attention and give off our thoughts and prayers  to those in Japan and other affected areas.

I think that we should at least try and be with those people at this moment and hope for the best. Therefore I also would want to give attention to our friends over at Gaming World Entertainment Network ( and direct all of you to their website. They’ve made a list of how you can help out the people in Japan.

Let’s make a stance as gamers yet again, and help out the people in Japan if we can.

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