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Dyeing to dye for

Without colors, life would be one big….., well what would life actually be without colors? Lucky for us, this question no longer needs an answer for the life in Tyria. Kristen Perry is clearly fond of working with clothes, in the past she’s talked about the different kinds of clothing we would be seeing in Guild Wars 2, and yesterday she revealed, in her own fascinating manner of writing, that Tyria is full of 400 different kinds of dyes for you to use and probably even more as the game builds up to its release somewhere ‘when it’s done'(tm). We also got a video of how the dye system worked in the demo, so be sure to read and watch along after the break!

Kristen Perry starts out her blog post with ensuring us that we’re better off with the new system, then with the old one. From my own experience which you can see at the bottom of this post, she’s really speaking the truth. There was plenty of choice in the demo already and only 96 colors were available there, while at this moment she has already made a total of 400 different colors, talk about customization.She ten goes on to discuss the old system, how the mixing would in the end work out cool, but that in the end it wasn’t ‘always ideally -or predictably’ to use.

Pimp your armor just like you want it!

She then discussed how the color spectrum has a nice range for manner colors of red, green and blue, but does not have so much for yellow, or cyan for example. Though I myself always ended up making a cool color with the mixing system, I was always limited with what the dyes wanted me to make and which sort of material I was slapping the dye on.Instead of giving you the option to mix till you got your perfect color, Kristen went on and hand-selected those 400 different colors herself, and she’s probably far from being done. Of course she made sure she got a wide vary of different kind of color sets ranging from jewel tones, natural hues, metals, leathers, earth tones, pastels, desaturated colors, darks, royals, and much more, she ensures us.

I could go on and rescribe the whole blog Kristen wrote myself, but as it is a great content filled blog with lots of interesting stuff, I’d possibly start making an even bigger blog post than Kristen herself and really, Kristen can do it that much better than me as she seems quite passionate about what she does. So aside of showing you our video (in HD!), I’d advise you to also check out her own blogpost.

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