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Season 2: Echoes of the Past Out Now! Patch Notes, Screenshots and More!

After a long hiatus, the Living World updates return with Echoes of the Past! The Pact are preparing to take the fight to Mordremoth himself, and you are tasked with keeping back the hordes of minions trying to end our plans once and for all. Explore a new zone, the Silverwastes, and spend new bandit crests on rewards such as recipes, keys and a brand new endless tonic. The update also includes two new armour sets: Carapace and Luminescent, earned by taking part in the instanced and open world content.

As usual, the update also comes with plenty of bug fixes, balance patches and more game polish, as well as adding new items to the Gem Store. These include a Miniature Belinda Delaqua (350 gems), a Guild Flag Finisher (600 gems) and a talking Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack (600 gems).

The SIlverwastes

Full patch notes for the Living World update can be found here. Log in any time between now and the next update to add the chapter to your Living World journal.

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