Effects of the Foefire

The year was 1090 AE. Humanity had been steadily pushed back in Ascalon, forced to take refuge in Ascalon City. Then the sieges began. The Flame Legion had surrounded the city and for days besieged it, breaking the soldier’s morale. When finally the charr breached the gates of the city, the humans panicked and tried to flee.

Their king, Adelbern, would not have that. In his refusal to admit defeat he shattered his sword by thrusting it into the ground and releasing a powerful spell: the Foefire. A blast engulfed much of Ascalon, killing the charr in the immediate vicinity and turning all humans within miles to everlasting ghosts of pure fury towards all living things, forced to relive the last day of their life endlessly by Adelbern’s curse.

That is the story we have been told. But more than humans and charr were affected by this.

Humans, as said, were turned into vengeful ghosts holding immense rage towards the charr – as Rytlock claims, this rage is Adelbern’s. These ghosts cannot be “killed

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