Dynamically Spoken: Episode 2 – BWE2: What’s Changed?

The second episode of Dynamically Spoken is here! I’m Rohan (AKA Valiant) and I’m joined once again by Steven (AKA GettCouped) who’s become our second permanent host, as well as Ally, our guest speaker.

We’re talking about the second Beta Weekend Event and in this episode some topics of discussion include:


  • Dynamic events – do they get better at higher levels?
  • Changes to the UI
  • Crafting


  • New underground jumping puzzle
  • When one world dominates, is it fun anymore?
  • Don’t just follow the mob – get disrupting!


  • Being in a party in PvP


  • Ally’s screenshot of a creepy old woman (click to enlarge):







Links to check out

  • Guild Wars 2 Gossip (Ally’s blog)
  • Loot Junkie (Both Steven and I will be guesting on one of their upcoming episodes – keep your eyes out!)

How to get involved

  • We’re always looking for you to get involved in the podcast! Visit www.guildmag.com/involved to find out more information on how you can do this.
  • Remember to use the comments system to send feedback on this episode!

Theme tune created by Shew – thanks!

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