Dynamically Spoken: Episode 22

Welcome to the first ever recorded live episode of our podcast! As you may have heard, from now on we’ll be live every Friday at 5pm PDT on Sitting on a Couch’s Twitch.tv channel.

This week we discuss the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee patch; our very own Steve has had a chance to preview it ahead of time thanks to the amazing folks at ArenaNet, but his lips are sealed until we’re able to reveal all – so stay tuned on Monday for all our Jubilee content! In the meantime, you’ll have to suffice with just our humble pre-patch discussion!

On a side note, we’ve brought back an audio-only version for iTunes (here’s our iTunes feed) which can be found below the video. Enjoy!

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Weekly News

Main Discussion

  • Queen’s Jubilee: we analyse the upcoming changes, including a new gladiator’s arena, Watchwork Mechanisms, new weapon skins and more
  • 12 months of Guild Wars 2: what’s changed in the last year? How different is the game now to when we all first played it?
  • The future: how will Guild Wars 2 develop over the next year and further?

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