Dynamically Spoken: Episode 23

In this episode we take a look at both the Queen’s Jubilee update and the soon-to-be-released Queen’s Speech update. Since we didn’t release an episode last week, we share our views on the Jubilee patch now that we’ve had longer to see its impact – especially when it comes to new champion and dungeon rewards! We also speculate on what exactly could happen with Queen Jennah’s upcoming announcement, and as always there’s highlights of recent community happenings too.

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Weekly News

Main Discussion

  • The Queen’s Jubilee: enjoyable or not? And how has farming been affected by recent loot changes?
  • The Queen’s Speech: there’s more in store than just a good talking to!
  • Steve takes us through WoodenPotatoes’ latest GW2 Mysteries video on the Thuamanova Reactor – check it out here.
  • Guild Wars 2 in numbers: this awesome infographic sums up what the game has achieved in just 12 months.

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