Dynamically Spoken: Episode 25

Join us this week as we take a look at the Super Adventure Box: Back to School release. We speculate on what World 2 may contain, as well as discuss the upcoming changes to Legendary and Ascended weaponry. We also take some time to answer the live chat’s questions and discuss their thoughts on the Living World.

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Weekly News

Main Discussion

  • SAB: Back to School – what’ll it bring?
  • Super Weapons, King Toad Weapons, Storm Wizard Weapons – WTB moar weapons.
  • Ascended Weapons – we talk you through how to craft them based on current pre-release knowledge.
  • Legendary Weapons – how useful will the on-the-fly stat changes really be?
  • Magic Find changes – have ArenaNet found the best way to balance the new magic find?

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