Dynamically Spoken: Episode 5 – BWE3 Thoughts

As always, Steven and I are here to share our thoughts on Guild Wars 2. For this episode, we’re joined by Verene from Under the Pale Tree! This time around we discuss our thoughts on the third and final beta weekend event.

In this episode, our topics of discussion cover:

  • Sylvari and asura – playable at last!
  • Cube surfing off Rata Sum.
  • Will the game be ready in a month?
  • Issues with dynamic events.
  • ArenaNet’s attention to detail.

Links to check out


  • The creepy shadow under Rata Sum (click to enlarge):
  • ‘Proof’ that levitation is possible in Guild Wars 2 (click to enlarge):

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Theme tune created by Shew – thanks!

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