Dynamically Spoken: Episode 6 – Reviewing the Headstart

It’s party time! We’ve been playing non-stop through the Guild Wars 2 Headstart. Steven and I are joined by Ally from our second episode to share our initial experiences about Guild Wars 2. In our next episode we’ll round off our review of Guild Wars 2 by looking at the higher level content. P.S. we got a new logo too!

In this episode, our topics of discussion cover:

  • Steven turns into a variety of noisemakers (and names one of them wrongly!).
  • Compelling personal storylines & tough decisions.
  • PvE vs WvW levelling speeds – which is quicker?
  • Guild Wars 2 will change the way you play
  • Legendary gear
  • Continuing server issues & bugs

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Theme tune created by Shew – thanks!


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