Dynamically Spoken: Episode 7 – To Level 80 and Beyond

The second part of our overall review is here – and in a new video format too! Once again, Steven and I are joined by Ally to round up our thoughts on Guild Wars 2 overall (especially it’s higher level content).

In this episode, our topics of discussion cover:

  • Is there an ‘endgame’ in Guild Wars 2?
  • Are dungeons too hard?
  • What awesome gear is available to you at level 80?
  • Are dynamic events in Orr as orr-some (awesome) as we were told?

Links to check out

  • Legendary weapons crafting guide | Guild Wars 2 Guru

How to get involved

  • We’re always looking for you to get involved in the podcast! Visit https://www.guildmag.com/involved to find out more information on how you can do this.
  • Remember to use the comments system to send feedback on this episode!

Theme tune created by Shew – thanks!

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