Dynamically Spoken: Episode 9 – The Storm Gathers

On this episode of Dynamically Spoken, we delve deeper into the upcoming patch The Gathering Storm, with new information from the last seven days. Check below for the show notes.

Weekly News

  • Spirit Watch, the new sPvP map, has been introduced over on the Guild Wars 2 website – check it out here.
  • There have been additions to the Gem Store as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations, including a bouquet of roses (available until the 18th Feb) and new red dye pack. All the details here. 
  • Colin Johanson has denied rumours of an expansion, hours after we uploaded our last episode. The link was in the show notes last time, but in case you missed it, here it is.
  • In the upcoming patch, item previewing will be added to the Trading Post. Here’s the tweet we mentioned, and here’s the official page on it. 
  • MMORPG.com have recently interviewed Colin Johanson about the upcoming patch, gathering some new details on what it will bring. Read it here.

Main Discussion

  • What new information has been released about guild missions?
  • Update on the pace of the Living Story, courtesy of The Egg Baron.

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