EU Fanday Experiences – Dinner, Beach, Goodbye

It was then time to move rooms and start the video Q&A. While we came in, Regina, Kristen, Eric, Colin, Josh and Ree were all waiting for us on the big screen. I set up my camcorder in order to record the screen and sound, but since it’s not yet clear if we’re allowed to post this, I will refrain from doing so. Rather than telling you what the video Q&A answered, I forward you to our transcription that we made in collaboration with Tasha Darke. I also want to note that since we only were able to pose one question each, Stéphane told me to send a select few of them in to be answered on paper.

When the Q&A ended, we all took our stuff and headed to the restaurant to have a dinner together. We went to an Italian restaurant, but since my stomach does weird stuff whenever I eat something that’s close to pasta, I already feared the worst. Lucky for me, they also served some normal dishes and I picked a steak with some cooked potatoes.

After having a desert, we went to the beach. Yeah, that’s right, the beach. Previous to the EU Fanday, Tasha sent out a tweet that when she went to Brighton, she wanted to go to the beach, and soon some other folks, including myself, joined her in that idea. In the end we ended up going together with Tasha, Paeroka, Tillion, Manin, Aidan (the NCSoft community manager), 2 french folks and myself. Along our path to the beach, we saw some nice streets which housed various little shops all selling different kind of gimmicks. Aidan told us that he recently even bought a NES in one of the shops, so I guess that if you’re looking for something and can’t find it, you might want to give Brighton’s shops a try.

When we arrived at the beach, our dreams were crushed, since instead of soft sand, we found a rock-beach. Nevertheless, we went down the stairs towards the front of the pitch-black beach to take some pictures and enjoy the sight (mostly enjoying the other side of the beach – Brighton at night).

After enjoying the sight, we decided to take a stroll to the nearby nightlife at the beach, soon to be overwhelmed by girls with short skirts and an overdose on make-up who were waiting to get into the pubs or clubs. We eventually decided to head back to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep before we went back to do some more Guild Wars 2.

In the morning I had a breakfast together with some of the community folks. After some chatting about the previous day and finishing up our breakfast, we then headed towards the lobby, where Aidan and Mélanie were waiting for us to pick us up for our last day in Brighton. We then walked together to the Lighthouse and I had a nice chat with 4thVariety from Wartower. We ended up at the Lighthouse again and immediately rushed downstairs towards the pc’s again as we didn’t dare to let Guild Wars 2 wait. During our playtime, we also got to meet the new Spanish Community Manager: David Ortiz, who will start his duty next week.

My play experience from this play through can be read in the next EU Fanday Experiences article, which will be published somewhere next week.

Around 1am, we were being asked to go upstairs again, to make room for some of the press that were also invited to come over and play some Guild Wars 2. I can imagine that various articles might pop up from this event as well soon. When upstairs, it was time to say our goodbyes, so I took out my presents which I brought along from the Netherlands (stroopwafels and drop!), and started to thank the Community Managers and saying our last goodbyes to them, as well as to the rest of the community.

Myself and Dagoh, the guy from GW2NL had to catch an early flight, so we joined the Spanish folks who were also in a hurry to get to the airport. Arriving at the train station, I remembered that I forgot something at the Lighthouse and with only 15 minutes left, I rushed back to take care of the issue. People spending their time in Brighton shopping might have turned around and wondered why I was running, though.

After a pleasant trip with the train, we arrived at Gatwick again. At the Southern Terminal we said goodbye to the Spanish folks from Guild Wars 2 Online and Guild Wars 2 Spain, and went to the North Terminal together with Manin from The poor guy yet again had a delay, and this time he had to wait 5 whole hours before he left Gatwick. Since we still had a short hour, we went upstairs where I ordered my last British sandwich and after saying goodbye to Manin, Dagoh and myself headed to the gate our plane was leaving from, back towards the Netherlands.

I’d like to thank both ArenaNet as well as NCSoft for giving us this tremendous opportunity and inviting us over to their location in Brighton. I was more than thrilled to have an opportunity to come and play the game, but most of all, I loved meeting all of the folks from the community!

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