EU Fanday Experiences – Journey and Meetings

Maybe you’ve already read a few entries about the European Fanday on other blogs, maybe this one is your first. Nevertheless, we’ve just been granted permission to also talk about our in-game experience, and while I did not take any notes, I will discuss some things that I experienced and still remember!

Like every journey, the European Fanday started  with packing, everything that you take with you, might have an effect on what kinds of things you’ll experience. I brought my camcorder along, because I was planning on having a video interview with Matthew Moore and Stéphane Lo Presti – more on that further on – and I actually also prepared my phone to have access to a 3G connection so that I could keep you guys up to date, seemingly, it only wanted to work the second day, on which we did not experience anything I could send a tweet about in public at that time. After the packing was done, it was time to sleep and rise up early to catch my train to the airport.

Arriving at the airport, I went to find one of the admins of GW2NL, a Dutch Guild Wars 2 fansite which was also invited to go to Brighton. After I found him, we traversed our ways through the massive halls of the airport. After we passed all of the checks, we quickly made our way to the gate we were supposed to depart from. As if I didn’t had enough delays already, our airport seemed to find it funny to just block the airplane from leaving Brighton, and then also blocking their landing at the airport itself, which caused for another 30 minutes delay. Around 9.30am we managed to board the plane and make our way towards London Gatwick.

After a nice short flight, which brought us above the clouds, we quickly went downwards again to make our swift landing at Gatwick. After going through another passport check, we went on a search for Manin, one of the guys from our sister site, who was also invited to come over and originally would’ve been at Gatwick just right after us. It turned out that they had a massive delay of 1 hour and 30 minutes because the French didn’t allow the airplane to depart because of a massive strike in Paris. We decided we’d best go and look for Paeroka from Nerdybookahs, whom we also told we should meet at the airport. After a small walk through Gatwick Airport, a ride on a tram which was camouflaged as something like an indoor building (awkward Brits), we arrived at the south terminal and made our way to the meeting point here. Yet again, we did not find the ones we were looking for, and we figured that we’d eventually meet up in the hotel so we decided it’d be best to just move along, get our tickets and board the train that was just about to leave Gatwick for Brighton – judging from the clothing of some of the girls that were also on board of the train, Brighton was currently doing its name honour so we were quite happy to arrive in the (maybe not) always sunny Brighton.

Anyhow, arriving at Brighton we went to look around to see if we could find the way to our hotel, where we’d meet everyone else that was going to attend. After seeing some scenic spots like the one below this paragraph, we managed to find our hotel and check-in. We then went to drop our stuff at our rooms and went downstairs to to meet the rest of the community that was invited to come over. Because of the French we had lots of time to get to meet everyone personally, and I think I’ve at least said hi to almost everyone that was invited and had some longer talks with Manin from, Paeroka from NerdyBookahs, Tasha from Attached to Keyboard, Tillion from DragonSeason and Yalu from Guild Wars 2 Journal. When everyone was finally there, we made our way to the venue with a bit of a delay on schedule.

When we arrived at the Lighthouse, the place where we were going to play some Guild Wars 2, Aidan was awaiting us at the door to greet us. We went inside, had an introduction speech, a bit of lunch and got greeted by some not-so-cute-but-furry-charr named Rytlock, which we captured in detail in our earlier reports. We then made our way to the pc’s down below the building where we were greeted by Stéphane Lo Presti, French community manager at ArenaNet, and Matthew Moore, Lead Q&A. As we were being positioned at a pc, I was given the task of helping some people with getting used to Guild Wars 2, as I had already got some experience while going to GamesCom the years before. We then could finally play some Guild Wars 2 at last! – Well, that is what we were all thinking, until the 30 alienware Aurora’s refused to turn on! It seemed that the people from the Lighthouse were counting on 30 laptops rather than a much more powerful collection of Aurora’s. So we had to go upstairs while the EU Fanday krewe were trying to get everything working again.

Check back here to find the next part to my EU Fanday Experiences: Norn and PvP Hands-on!

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