EU Fanday Experiences – Norn and PvP

After they fixed the problems, we were allowed to go downstairs again and boot up Guild Wars 2. Contrary to the popularity in races under the invitees, we were being asked to play around with the norn a bit. Since for some reason I did not try to play the norn as extensively as the charr or human starter area during GamesCom, I was quite surprised by the norn tutorial. I picked a norn warrior alligned to the Spirit of the Wolf, my first task was to go out and get a trophy in order to participate in the Great Hunt, it intrigued me that we actually had to kill a fairly decent sized monster as the first quest already, and somehow, it did not feel like your ordinary kill ten rats quest, probably because it was just one monster with more endurance 3 smaller ones surrounding it. Nevertheless, I got my trophy and made my way up to the hills to slay Issormir, the Ice Wurm who had already been spawned.

After slaying the Ice Wurm, I decided on following my personal story for a bit and did some tasks at hand. I helped out protecting a caravan from rampaging minotaurs and , travelled into the mists to find out that somehow the Sons of Svanir had been able to get into this sacred place causing chaos and unbalance, and finally was tasked with finding an havroun that was strong enough to fight these Sons of Svanir off in my personal instance.

I could’ve continued onto that path, but I decided I needed to level up a bit and explore some more of the norn lands. What intrigues me most about the way the explorable areas work, is that each cave shows up pitch dark from afar, making one WANT to go over there and explore what the darkness is hiding. After making my way through the lands, helping out at the Bear shrine with some Sons of Svanir mess, turning into a snow leopard and help out with some suspicious animals that were lingering around, and some more exploring, Stephané told us to meet up near the lake for some surprise event. He wanted to shows us how the dynamic event system scales up and told us to all fight the Ice Broodmother that should be somewhere around the lake. Here, we got to experience how the dynamic event system works, as the Ice Drake Broodmother was not around at that moment, someone before us probably killed her. So we went to do some side-tasks with everyone until she respawned, and when she did, we all rushed over to hunt her down.

It was then that we got to experience how the upscaling goes when multiple people join in, in a dynamic event. Since I arrived fairly early, I got to experience that while in the beginning her health would go down rather quickly, the more people that joined in, the tougher she got. Early on, with just a few of us, it seemed like she’d die within 30 seconds, but as more of us joined, she gained skills and her health would go down much slower than before. After she died, we all got our rewards and everyone started to move away. It became clear that some of us wanted to stick together, while others went onto their own route again. Initially I went on my own again, but since I saw some of the people involved suddenly disappearing underwater, I decided to follow them because I did not yet had that much experience with underwater combat or exploration. While I did go underwater in the same spot earlier, I did not notice that there was a hole in one of the nearby walls, leading to some sort of underwater mining hall. I sadly did not have enough time to explore it any further, but when I get hands-on with Guild Wars 2 the next time, I’ll make sure I go in there and see where it leads to. Speaking about underwater exploration, when you go up after being underwater for a while, the experience of coming out of the water again, makes for a beautifully emerging experience.

Source: GWI

 Next up, we got to experience PvP. We all went into the Mists and started to experiment with our skills, trying to find out which skills were best suited to be used in combat. Since I already had some PvP experience with the Battle of Kyhlo map, and I knew the trebuchet was important to man during my GamesCom experience, I made my way up and started to do some massive damage. Sadly, the reds did notice that someone was manning the trebuchet and someone came over to try and stop me. Lucky for me, I noticed just in time that he was coming up, so I hopped out and hid myself behind some construction, waiting for the time to strike. I almost had him killed, but since I was playing on my norn warrior, and did not really have any real experience playing with the Guild Wars 2 warrior, I made some mistakes that led me to my defeat. Overall that map was quite fun to play at.

After this, we played on the Forest of Nifhel map, which was quite cool because of the fog effect which prevented you from having a real clear sight but at the same time gave great opportunities to hide yourself and strike when it was needed. The bosses that were included in this map also gave some special secondary objective that would help you gain territory.

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