Fansite Focus: In search of new fansites

Welcome to the first Fansite Focus blog entry; part of a new miniature series of blog posts with one (pretty obvious) theme in mind. Over the coming months, we’ll be showcasing some fantastic fansites as well as discussing a wide range of topics including how they impact us, the future of fansites and how new sites can expand, all in an effort to help support the great work the people behind the URLs put into the sites each day, and get people thinking about fansites in ways they might not have done so before.

For our first post, we’ve trawled through dozens and dozens of websites to find the very best latest offerings that bring something unique to the fansite mix. Each one is special in its own way and is worth looking at, if only for curiosity’s sake.

We began the search with one clear goal in mind: to stay away from the increasing number of sites that simply report the news almost word for word; after all, why read a condensed, regurgitated version when you can get the real thing just as easily on the official websites? We therefore looked for fansites that not only report the news, but also give opinions and analysis on it too, not to mention a whole heap of their own original content. We hope that the list below inspires people to continue creating original content and that you find something worth reading! So, without anymore waffling, we present to you four brand new Guild Wars(2) fansites:


Described as ‘the home for Guild Wars 2 necromancers’, it’s pretty obvious that NecroBator has just one thing in mind when it comes to delivering content. Don’t be fooled though: despite a lack of information on necromancers (and the other professions too!) in the yet-to-be-released game, the site manages to remain active with entries covering almost anything Guild Wars (2)-related, as well as an increasingly popular forum. One section of the site I particularly like, however, is the tools area. Here, NecroBator provide a page full of links to various Guild Wars 2 tools that help to give a better insight into the game for those who have yet to get their hands on a demo. All things considered, NecroBator is a great fansite and is sure to go far – I highly recommend visiting it.

Guild Wars 2 Beast

What is it about Guild Wars 2 Beast we like? It’s the website’s potential. With a structured forum, we feel that Guild Wars 2 Beast could become the next big Guild Wars 2 forum once the game is released. Finding a friendly, active forum can be a tricky business, and the sheer size of some of the current Guild Wars 2-related ones out there can be fairly overwhelming to new users. If the previous sentence was exactly what you were thinking, then this fansite is definitely for you! The low forum post count on the site provides an excellent opportunity for new users to join and become established members, helping the site to grow into a valuable community resource. All manner of topics are welcome, so why not register today and start the ball rolling?

Under the Pale Tree

Under the Pale Tree is owned by our very own Verene, a designer for the magazine. In her blog, she discusses all things Guild Wars from a very unique perspective, exploring abstract concepts in great depth. Verene is very active around the Guild Wars community itself, meaning her blog posts are always beautifully informed and definitely worth reading if you’re the type of person that enjoys speculating and meaningful discussion. Comments to her blog posts are always open and I highly advise giving them a go!

The Sohothin Courier

Another great blog, the Sohothin Courier also offers interesting and original articles on all things Guild Wars 2. Begun in May 2011, the blog is still finding its way but already there are some great blog entries, and is quickly becoming an entertaining and informative community resource. This is definitely a site to watch out for in the future, so why not start giving it your support today?

Sadly, that’s all for the first Fansite Focus. Later in the series we’ll be carrying out another search for new fansites, but for now we’ll leave you in the capable hands of the four listed above. Enjoy!

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