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Fear Not This Night – Guild Wars 2 Song

UPDATE: The song ‘Fear not this Night’ is now available for purchase! It’s prize on amazon and iTunes is $0.99 and you can find it by clicking the link below!

If Jeremy Soule’s music wasn’t already a big hit for Guild Wars 2, how about their own song on a tune that Jeremy Soule created for the first trailer released during GamesCom 2009? While it has not yet been released, Amazon states that on August 17th it will be available for purchase and right now, you can already listen to a small sample of the song.

Amazon – Fear Not This Night (Guild Wars 2) [feat. Asja]

Itunes – Fear Not This Night (Guild Wars 2) [feat. Asja]

Matthew, an ArenaNet developer, mentioned over twitter that the lyrics for the song are written by their very own Ree Soesbee. One has to wonder what the purpose of this song is for, would it be included in the launch trailer for Guild Wars 2? Will we hear it somewhere ingame? If anything, the first 15 seconds definitely are magical.

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