Foostival 2014 – The Ultimate GW2 European LAN Party!

Foostival is a community-driven event that invites European Guild Wars 2 players to the ultimate LAN party. Taking place in France, Germany and Romania at the same time, the event is designed to bring together Guild Wars 2 fans from different backgrounds and nationalities for one day of Tyria-filled awesomeness! The Foostival organisers have lined up a tonne of in-game and out-0f-game prizes for attendees of the event, which takes place on Saturday March 22nd. But more than that; it’s a chance for players to come together and connect – a chance to move beyond your virtual character.


The first Foostival, which took place last year, was hosted by 9 french Fansites with the goal to make new lasting friendships, something that really bonded the french fansite community as a result. This bond was an incentive to spread the concept across the rest of Europe, something that shows from the two new locations added in this second event.

While the registration to attend the event on-site have been closed, the organisers still want to invite you to join in on the ingame activities. If you’re interested in joining them, be sure to check out their website and social media: || facebook || twitter || google+

Last but not least, be sure to check out their awesome announcement trailer down below and be sure to check out the event on March 22nd!

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