Four Winds – Living Story Primer!

Ellen Kiel was tasked with organising the events surrounding the recent Dragon Bash festival. The festival went off without a hitch – apart from the slight smudge of the violent and bloody death of a human member of the Captain’s Council, Ashford. The second of Ashford had previously died during the Flame & Frost chapters, resulting in an empty spot on the Captain’s Council.

As intrepid adventurers we helped Lionguard Kiel investigate and uncover the mystery surrounding the attack on Lion’s Arch and eventually we discovered the presence of a hidden Aetherblade Retreat within the grounds of the city! With Kiel’s help we brought the leader of the Aetherblades to justice: the ruthless Sky Pirate – Mai Trin. Once the dust had settled the question still remained: who would replace the fallen Council member?

Your first step in the Living Story element of the Bazaar of the Four Winds update is to head to Fort Marriner: as usual track down the golden star to indicate a Living Story element and get stuck in. Once you’ve made your way there you will witness an interchange between Magnus the Bloody Handed – Head of the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch – and the newly promoted Captain Ellen Kiel.

I won’t give away too much about this interchange, but let’s just say it emerges that there are two main candidates for the new place on the council:

Ellen Kiel

A proven workaholic, Kiel’s monumental work ethic is probably the catalyst for her meteoric rise through the Lionguard ranks. We first met her at the start of the problems of Southsun – as a diligent Lionguard Investigator. After the events on Southsun Cove, and her sterling work managing the refugee population and the mischief of a very disgruntled Canach, and the capture and incarceration of the fugitive Mai Trin, Kiel was rewarded with her very first captainship (of a shiny new Aetherblade Airship), and so became eligible – should the opportunity arise – for a place on the Captain’s Council.

She has a strong moral code; she is hard-working and upright in almost every way. But does she have what it takes to state her claim for the place on the council? It takes more than hard-graft to be a captain; it takes guile, ruthlessness and not an insignificant amount of luck. Just because you dress like a Captain, doesn’t mean you can act like one… perhaps Captain Ellen Kiel is too pearly white to cut it with a cutlass?

Evon Gnashblade

Evon is the CEO and head of the Black Lion Trading Company. You do not get to be the big cheese of such a pervasive institution like the BLTC by giving handouts and letting things slide. Evon is a shrewd businessman (think about the many millions of trades which have occurred since game release day – 15% of each goes right into his pocket, you know!) and perhaps that is what Lion’s Arch needs? Not someone with a chip on their shoulder and a moral burden to bear – but someone who can make the right decisions at the right time, regardless of the cost.

We haven’t had much dealing with Evon Gnashblade in the past, short of his fantastically mad Fun-Boxes, and his intentions are not wholly clear – but you can be assured of at least one thing: if he is weighing in on this contest, his mind is firmly on his bottom line. As he so elegantly puts it: “The same principles apply to both trade and combat! A stout heart and sufficient supplies will always carry the day! I love the smell of commerce in the morning!

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