The Future of Lion’s Arch

Keeping in line with the pace of all matters political, the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch has taken their sweet time figuring out what to do with the ruined city. At long last, it would appear they finally have something to show for all their brooding and long winded pontificating, as plans for a large-scale rebuild of Lion’s Arch seem to be entering into effect. Sure, we’ve seen a relief effort and some ramshackle repairs being executed here and there, but this is different.


It would appear that rather than reinstating things as they once were, the council has opted to instead rework parts of the city into something completely new. This will entail things such as rebuilding the lighthouse with a new design, reconstructing the fountain, and erecting memorials. In addition, there is a rumor going around the city that the council is looking into possibly making use of the massive shards of the Breachmaker in their plans!

However, they need our help! Several of the new and important structures they have planned are also going to be renamed, and they’ve left that task to the citizens of Lion’s Arch to carry out. In order to guide the citizenry in this task, let’s explore each of the options and weigh them according to their merit.

Canal Ward

What was once Canal Ward will be remade into something completely new, featuring many important and esteemed buildings. The Council has given the populus three names to choose from for this district: City Central, Commodore’s Quarter, and King Doric’s Court. First of all, King Doric’s Court doesn’t quite work. King Doric is long dead, and his descendants have not held the seat of power in Lion’s Arch for many years. Commodore’s Quarter is equally unworthy, as, commodore or no, such a culture-rich portion of the city should not honor but a single entity. No, the clear choice here is City Central. It’s short and to the point, but also provides a sense of permanence and camaraderie.

The Lighthouse

The harbour lighthouse will be constructed completely anew, shedding all semblance of its former self. Its new aesthetic will need a fitting title, and of the options provided by the Council, this choice is an easy one. Between Graidy Lighthouse, Beacon Point, and Phoenix Roost, who isn’t going to choose Phoenix Roost? It has “Phoenix” in the name. Enough said.


Lion’s Court

Ah, yes, the poor, poor lion fountain at Lion’s Court. What would Lion’s Arch be without this treasured landmark? With all the remodeling and renaming being done, some citizens fear the city may lose all sense of its former self. With that in mind, it would likely be in the city’s best interest to keep the name Lion’s Court, rather than adopt the proposed Festival Plaza. May it survive a thousand more vandalizations!

Air Base

The Council is also planning to construct an air base in the city as an extra defensive measure. The people’s options for names are Martial Aerodrome, Lion’s Arch Aerodrome, and Apex Aerodrome. Martial Aerodrome doesn’t have any sort of ring to it, and Lion’s Arch Aerodrome just seems so… basic. No, Apex Aerodrome is the clear winner here. It has alliteration!


In place of the current remembrance wall, workers will be installing a full scale memorial to commemorate those who fell for Lion’s Arch. The Council wishes it to be called either Theo Ashford Memorial, Field of the Fallen, or Forever Memorial. Of the three, Field of the Fallen certainly has the best ring to it, but the loss of Theo Ashford still causes the heart to constrict, and for that reason, it may end up a close battle between the two.

If you have not yet put forth your votes in these areas, you may do so by filling out this official form. Be sure to see it makes it to the Captain’s Council!

Best of regards,
Erin Viconia
Tyrian citizen

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