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G-Star and Guild Wars 2

This week, ArenaNet are showing off a brand new Guild Wars 2 demo at G-Star, Korea’s premier game show. The new demo has loads of new improvements including some UI updates and character customisation. Players of this demo will experience a localised Korean version that focuses on the human starting experience, as well as three giant boss fights during the last 10 minutes of play; Tequatl the Sunless, the Shadow Behemoth, and the Shatterer. For a more comprhensive view, see the ArenaNet blog post.

When we found out that we had an opportunity to be featured by NCsoft at this year’s G-Star, we knew that it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass on.

The very first thing we had to consider was that the demo would need to be in Korean. This meant adding Korean text and voice to the game as well as overcoming some of the technical issues inherent in displaying the Korean alphabet. Due to these challenges—and the fact that Korean players haven’t had an opportunity to play the game yet—we decided to focus on preparing the human starting experience for the demo. Aiming for this narrower experience allowed us to do the translations and voice recordings that we needed for the demo—and make certain that they were done well.

We also wanted to show off our giant boss monsters, and for each demo to end with an exciting encounter. Because of this, the demo also includes the boss fights against Tequatl the Sunless (seen below), the Shadow Behemoth, and the Shatterer. When they reach the last ten minutes of the demo, players are prompted with a “special demo opportunity

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