GamesCom Chat Series – Part 3

Today I present you with the last couple of interviews with the ArenaNet staff. I hope you enjoyed them all! And keep in mind: You won’t see many direct quotatoins, as the scribbling in my notebook tried to grasp the essence of the replies, but I will still provide you with the correct information as I uncovered it. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed gathering the information.

Kekai Kotaki (Lead Artist)

When Kekai appeared on stage for the Art Q&A I was pleasantly surprised, and when the Q&A was over I rushed to the side of the stand to have a chance to talk to him.  Recently I listened to a podcast interview ) which gave me some background information for my questions. The interview was shorter then I hoped, but there were so many people lining up for an autograph and some questions, that I felt I had to keep it short.

In the podcast Kekai talks about the view from his Hawaiian home as an inspiration for the grand vistas he creates in some of his work. So I asked him if there were any areas in Guild Wars 2 that reminded him of this, or were inspired by it. The Krytan coast is one of these areas, as some of the inspiration for it came straight out of some of the Hawaii photo folders on Kekai’s computer. There are some more of Kekai’s areas in the game, obviously… As world builders take Kekai’s concept art and ‘tear it apart’ to construct the areas of Tyria. By tear it apart I obviously mean they try and take elements from the concept and implement them in various places, and try to transfer the mood of the concept art into the game. But Kekai points out that there are actually some places in the game that are a direct translation of his concept art (be it from a certain view point). When I ask him how he feels about seeing his art come to life, he told me that it feels great, but not only that, it ‘just’ feels great to be a part of the team creating this game.

It’s not always easy though to take Kekai’s work and put it into the game, mainly some of his armors but also other concepts have the art team scratching their heads and crying out “Ohnoo, not another Kekai

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