GamesCom Chat series

While our camera team (Dutch and Johny) handled more professional interviews with a camera and microphone, I walked around with my notebook and interviewed various Arena Net devs. I spoke with employees from all the departments that flew over to Cologne, Germany, for GamesCom. In my interviews I tried to find out more about the game, the person I interviewed and the department they work in. The following series of articles are a compilation of the discussions I had. You won’t see many direct quotations, as the scribbling in my notebook tried to grasp the essence of the replies, but I will still provide you with the correct information as I uncovered it. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed gathering the information.

Randy Price (Senior Vice President)
After having discovered the NCsoft and ArenaNet logos at the Vasco booth (a company offering secure login services) I grabbed my chance to get some confirmation. Randy confirmed that they have ‘lined up’ with Vasco to explore the various security options they have to offer. If and what kind of security measures they will eventually implement though are not yet determined.

I also tried to ask Randy how profitable Guild Wars has been and whether this has any effect on Guild Wars 2. He didn’t go into exact numbers, but obviously Guild Wars was profitable enough to warrant the no-subscription model for Guild Wars 2. Next to box sales there will be a store with both in game as well as IRL purchase options, and NO game advantages. Randy points out that people want a choice on how to play and how to pay. As such, the box will come with everything one would expect from a full AAA game. If you want the extras you can choose which you want and when to buy them from the store.

Randy also made it clear that Guild Wars 2 has a AAA-budget, to warrant it being a AAA game, and Arena Net expects it to be successful. He quite confidently said “players want us to succeed

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