Gamescom PvP: dual perspectives

Just below are two more videos from GuildMag’s experiences at this year’s gamescom, showcasing both Dutch Sunshine’s and Jonny10’s attempts at PvP. Dutch plays a female sylvari thief whilst Jonny opts for playing a male human elementalist, trying his hand at their various attunements to the different elements. The videos speak for themselves, showing the ‘conquest’ game type on the Battle of Khylo map; so far the only PvP map to be revealed. If you’re not already familiar with Guild Wars 2 PvP, I suggest checking out our earlier blog post with a PvP walkthrough given by Matthew Moore and Elijah Miller.

Video 1 of 2: Dutch Sunshine in PvP

Video 2 of 2: Jonny10 in PvP

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