GamesCom Roundup: Day 2

Wow, Thursday was a big day! ArenaNet showed their 40-minute Press Demo, we saw more PvP in action, and a dragon was spawned. Here’s everything you missed or will want to experience again.

Official Releases

ArenaNet Blog | Making the Battle of Kyhlo

The Art of Levi Hopkins | GW2 Cologne Cinematic Pieces
Not exactly “official release,” but ArenaNet artist Levi Hopkins posted some of the art that’s featured in the new trailer.

Major Sites

Gamespot | Guild Wars 2 Demo (PC)
HD Tequatl footage there.

G4 | The Lasting Effects of Bone Dragons and Origin Stories


Wartower.de Spotlight | Complete Press Demo with Developer Commentary
Wartower.de | TowerTalk gamescom 2011: Ree Soesbee zum Thema Lore in Guild Wars 2
Or, to use Thalador Doomspeaker’s translation, “Wartower.de’s goddamn magnificent interview with Ree.”

Guild Wars 2 PvP | Gamescom PvP Q&A
Guild Wars 2 PvP | GamesCom ESL Exhibition Match [1] The second link includes some nifty photos from the match.

GW2Fans | GamesCom 2011 footage: Tequatl, Minion of Zhaitan
More footage of Tequatl to complement the Gamespot footage.

Talk Tyria | GamesCom 2011 – Day 1 update
Parts 2 and 3 continuing from Karasu’s post yesterday.

Hunter’s Insight | We Have The PvP Technology
Hunter’s Insight | The Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Videos You Have To See

Secret Agent Cat | Precocious Doesn’t Begin To Describe Her

Excited for PvP? Did Ree blow your mind? Did we miss anything? We want to hear your reactions!

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