GamesCom Roundup: Day 3

Friday! More videos and interviews! Want play game!

Major Sites

GameTrailers | Character customization and PvP gameplay videos

MMOZine | INTERVIEW: Guild Wars 2 – Part One
Preview and interview with Eric Flannum. See their issue 32 for more.


Q&A with Colin and Eric | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHKrzOFv7sw

TalkTyria | GamesCom 2011 – Day 2
Includes an interview with Izzy.

GuildWars2PvP.com | Interview with Izzy Cartwright
GuildWars2PvP.com | GamesCom PvP Impressions

CynicalBrit | WTF is Guild Wars 2? Part 1 (PvE)
CynicalBrit | WTF is Guild Wars 2? Part 2 (PvE)
These videos are a perfect introduction for anyone less familiar with GW2 gameplay.

GWCom | Interview with Mike and Ree

Secret Agent Cat | Not The Face!
Secret Agent Cat | Mow Me Down

Mondes Persistants | The interview of Guild Wars 2

And finally, vote for Guild Wars 2 in Destructoid’s GamesCom Game of Show.

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