GamesCom Roundup Day 4

Many more interviews from Saturday, so let’s jump on in:

GuildMag @ GamesCom

GuildMag | PvP Interview with Jon Peters
GuildMag | Gamescom Screenshots: Characters
The first post in Draxynnic’s commentary and discussion on a new batch of lovely Guild Wars 2 screenshots. Be sure to head over and share your reactions!


TubeElephant | Q&A about PvP at GamesCom

NCSoft West | Bringing the World of Tyria to Life – GW2 Q&A with Ree Soesbee

Wartower.de | Sims 3 und John Rayn von ArenaNet
First third is on Sims in German, then you get Guild Wars in English with John Ryan.

CyberLudus | Interview with Eric Flannum

GWCOM | Art interview with Kekai Kotaki and Daniel Dociu

Yogscast | Interview with Eric Flannum

NVIDIA | Interview with Colin Johanson

GoingPostalGW | GamesCom 2011 Gameplay & Q&A (Colin & Eric)

Any particularly fascinating bits? Share them in the comments!

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