GamesCom Roundup Day 5

Here we are, the roundup for the last day of GamesCom. More interviews—this time some more information about crafting and some meta-info about Guild Wars 2.

GuildMag @ GamesCom

Jonny and Dutch Sunshine have posted more video interviews, this time with Tirzah Bauer and Ree Soesbee. They also have for us a trio of in-game videos.

Tirzah Bauer PvP level design interview
Lore Interview with Ree Soesbee
Human customization, Charr area and Asura area

We’ve also got part 2 in Draxynnic’s commentary on the GamesCom screenshots.

Gamescom Screenshots: Combat


Wartower.de | Asura Guardian Gameplay – Hidden Miniboss and Nightmare Court

GWCom | Guild Wars 2’s crafting system detailed and demonstrated
As reported by Massively

Team Legacy | Interview with Braeden Shosa @ Gamescom

TenTonHammer | PvP Interview with Eric Flannum

Talk Tyria | GamesCom 2011 – Day 3
Good footage of the norn starting area and some PvP at the hands of Isaiah Cartwright himself (his team wins).

Hungry for more? There’s always Guild Wars 2 Guru’s Ultimate gamescom Thread (2011)

So what are the highlights for you after all this? Biggest surprises? Are you rethinking how you’ll play GW2? Let us know!

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